Sunday, July 31, 2011

Booze 'n Bread

Soft Baked Pretzels and Beer Battered Garlic Mashed Potato Bites. Yup.

Carb lovers unite! If carbs are your thing (they are mine!) you'd have loved our weekend. 
I'll explain. 

We kicked off Friday night with dinner at the Karl Strauss Brewery (yep... again). Actually it wasn't dinner, it was just happy hour appetizers and beer, but oh so worth it, and cheap!
Kind of. 
Luckily for me, the raspberry syrup, deliciously crisp and refreshing beer I absolutely love (the one that tastes like champagne!) was still on tap. WINNING.
Didn't do much else... it was nice to just spend some time with the gorgeous weather.

Saturday we traveled to Escondido to tour the Stone Brewing Company, a microbrewery. I enjoyed the architecture and amazing appetizers (again) a heck of a lot more than I enjoyed the beer. I'm just not into, as Spencer put it, Slap-You-In-The-Face kind of beers. 
Because that's what I felt like after drinking them... 
and that's just rude.

We got there pretty early, so we parked it at the bar to pre-sample the booze and appetizers. Foolishly thinking that I would get something nice and crisp, I ordered their signature pale ale. I remembered something as soon as I took my first sip.

I hate pale ale. 

Not wanting to look like a wuss, I sipped it down. I discovered the best technique to be holding my breath while drinking as quickly as possible, then swallowing and waiting to endure the pain. Yeah I said it... pain! This thing was spicy, and malty, and tasted like it was spiked with Wild Turkey whiskey. Spencer rather enjoyed his, which made me as bitter as my beer tasted. 

But then, oh glorious day! The soft baked pretzels with cheddar cheese and stone ground mustard dipping sauce AND beer battered fried mashed potato bites arrived. I mean... just scroll back up and look at that picture. 
 I will not drink their beer again, but I will eat their food again. Just saying.

Of course with Spencer and I planning the day, nothing can go quite to plan. About 10 minutes until the tour was scheduled to begin, we stood in a very long line forming at the door of the gift shop. One of the girls behind us asked "is this the line for the 4 o'clock tour?". Seeing as it was only minutes before our 1 o'clock tour was set to start, we said "oh no, this is for the next scheduled tour." Wrong. She was correct. The line was for a tour that wasn't scheduled to begin for another 3 hours.
We were in the wrong line. Strike one.
We then ventured into the gift shop, where we saw several other people in a semi-formed line. Great! Minutes later, we see a bus pull up outside that clearly states "BREWERY TOUR" on the side. Everyone started sauntering out to the bus, so we followed. After a few minutes of hesitating, we climbed aboard and sat in the front two seats. We were then quickly ushered out by the bus driver telling us "you're on the wrong tour, folks!". 
Strike Two. 
We got back inside to realize that our tour had just left. Luckily, one of the gift shop employees led us back to where the rest of our group was beginning the tour. 
From here, we learned how beer was made, bottled, and finally we were able to sample four of the local brews. What was the first one they served? The signature Pale Ale. 
Strike Three. 
Spencer liked the majority of them, so I would just take a sip of his here and there.
Side Note: This brand of beer is sold in Texas. If you like hoppy, malty, spicy beers... you'd love their selection. 
If you like crisp, light, refreshing beer flavored water (like me), these are not for you. 

After getting on the wrong bus. No big deal.

Getting the grand tour.

Caught me learning.

The very unfortunate thing about the whole day was this: I got a hangover.
I would have taken this much better had I actually enjoyed myself, or been able to say that I felt at all altered, but I felt nothing! So unfair.
In fact, this wasn't just any hangover. It was probably the most grueling three hours in the history of hangovers! Head pounding, bright lights, noisy people... it was a migraine gone south. Spencer had to retrieve aspirin for me. It was so bad that I missed a trip to In-N-Out Burger for dinner.

This thing was no joke.

Fortunately, it subsided after a few hours and I returned to normal functioning. Well, as normal as I can be.

Sunday has been another fabulously lazy day. We went to see Horrible Bosses in Vista. I gave it 3 stars, but Spencer wasn't too impressed. It was a good laugh.

Oh, and we organized the fridge. Diet Coke addict? I don't think so...
Psssh... how dare someone steal one and offset the whole photo!?

Nerds of the Year Award


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I have also been informed that posting comments on my blog has posed some challenges. My apologies for this, and I will try and get it all squared away ASAP.

Have a lovely week.


Saskia said... know what my favorite part of the whole entry was? your wonderful, beautiful, black shirt. ana has your portrait that i drew of you at her desk for all to see :) sounds like your weekend was fun..err..except the nasty beer parts! :)

afairlie said...

giiiiiirl you know that shirt is new! no one has ever seen it before :)

Saskia said...


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