Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grilled Cheese and Avocado Smoothies

 image from luvinthemommyhood

Despite the title of this post, it is not paying homage to any hormone induced cravings...

...although I do have quite a number of pregnant friends right now... shout out!

image from badmouth
In fact, it is really more along the lines of some newly discovered culinary favorites. We have now eaten twice at In-and-Out burger, and I have shamelessly ordered the grilled cheese (extra toasty!) sandwich from the not-so-secret menu. (If you have naively been to an In-and-Out Burger before discovering this bad boy... well my friend, you have missed out!) 

Anyway, it's a little bite of calorie-induced heaven with every bite. Trust me. 

image from badmouth

I would also like to tip my hat to In-and-Out Burger for servicing the very rare breed of individual (like myself) who prefer soggy fries to crispy fries. Before you crispy eaters turn up your nose, hear me out! There are options for you, too.  

You can order your fries "light" which means they fries are not cooked as long as the regular, and therefore they have less of a crunch. Mmmm. 

 image from badmouth

Of course you can order your standard run-of-the-mill French fries, but there is one more option to explore. If you enjoy the extra crunch of the overcooked fries, you can also order them "well done". I mean really... what more could you ask for?   


Moving on to the second half of this post... avocado smoothies. Oh, yes ma'am. 

One of the things that caught my eye almost immediately was the number of fresh fruit and vegetable stands around here. They are literally sprinkled around every corner! It's a beautiful thing. 
Anyway, while cruising around this weekend I nearly snapped my neck when we drove past a sign that stated: "Hass Avocados - 25 for $5". 

Do whhhhaaaaaaaaat?!? 

 You read that correctly. 

Apparently, you can toss (almost) anything in the soil around here and something will grow. Excited about this discovery, I immediately started scheming about all of the things I could make with the recession-like prices on these avocados! (Texans, you can understand what a gem of a finding this is.) The truth of the matter is I love avocados. On everything. Sandwiches. Soup.

On the end of a fork.

However, I would not buy them regularly because they were rather expensive in the Lone Star State. My world has changed for the better. While blog stalking earlier this evening, I saw that luvinthemommyhood posted a recipe for these gorgeous avocado smoothies. I cannot wait to whip up a blender full of these lovely summertime treats!

Other than salivating over the local fare, I have been busy with job applications and trying to find my way around without looking too much like a tourist. Hope you all have a wonderful hump day!


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