Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We are coming off the heels of a fabulous weekend! Can't say we did much, but we had a great time. The weekend consisted of more exploring, house hunting, shopping, and eating.
And oh, did we find some good eats! 

Saturday, we started the day with waffles downstairs at the hotel breakfast bar. (OK, this was really more my idea than Spencer's, but I have been waiting all week long for one of these bad boys. Totally worth the wait.)  We spent the better part of the morning shuffling through the crowds at the outlet mall before venturing downtown to Pizza Port for lunch. Though we didn't sample any of the locally brewed beers (yet), we thoroughly enjoyed the pizza. Spencer ordered a massively meat-topped pizza, while I stuck to a cheese-less pie topped with portobello mushrooms and butternut squash. (I was slightly curious about the butternut squash... on a pizza? But it was a winner. That's the chopped pieces resembling corn in the below picture.) 

Portobello and Butternut Squash Pizza... yum. 

The waitress sort of had a hard time understanding why I would want a pizza sans cheese. Aside from the fact that mozzarella cheese kind of makes me feel like a high school band is holding practice in my small intestine sick, I really don't miss it. Plus, trim the fat where you can to save calories for dessert... I always say. We did some walking around and relaxing before a late dinner at Karl Strauss Brewery. Karl Strauss is a microbrewery basically unique to southern California. Great food, great beer. Spencer tried a malty Red Trolley Ale while I nursed a crisp Endless Summer Light. Per the waitress' recommendation (which didn't take much arm twisting for me), I tried the plain Jane mac-and-cheese that was anything but plain. Four cheeses and a baked parmesan topped crust? Holy moly
Spencer went with the Pastrami Chipotle Sandwich, and I heard no compaints on that end of the table either. 

Spencer taste testing


Sunday had a lazy start watching movies and a visit to our favorite west coast fast-food chain for lunch (don't judge us!)


After lunch, we drove into San Diego to scope out some sights we have been wanting to see. We tooled around this part of town before returning back to Carlsbad to do a little house-hunting and exploring downtown. We strolled up and down the streets (in a brisk 75 degrees) before popping in to a little dessert bar to pick up some after dinner treats. 

Be. Jealous. 
(Come visit... and I'll share with you!)

Left to Right: cappuccino truffle,  chocolate dipped toffee,
dark chocolate dipped honeycomb, cookie cup. 

Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing weekend!


Saskia said...

i am jealous! i all sounded and looked amazing! it sounds like you both are having a blast!...i am very very veryyyy jealous of the weather!

Can't wait to read about more of your adventures :) Bi!

afairlie said...

Haha - the weather is a definite perk! Except that... I am usually cold! I am too Texan for this town :) Come see us :)

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