Friday, August 5, 2011

ABtakesCA Troubleshooting & a Recipe!

Hola Mis Amigos and Happy Friday!

I wish today's post was a bit more exciting, but alas... it's (almost) all technical.

Wonk. Wonk. Wooooooonk. 

I've received a number of calls / texts / emails / facebook messages letting me know that my "comments" section is being troublesome. I am so sorry for this predicament! I have been working to try and fix it... so far, this is what I have come up with.

First, ANYONE can leave a comment on my blog. I have total open access and everyone is welcome! Unfortunately, you have to create a "Member ID" in order to do so.

Think of it as being a part of a team.
Team Adrienne. 

(I am only kidding... it's a terrifying thought for me to be a team leader!)

Anyway, in order to do this, please take the following steps:

  1. On the right-hand column of my blog, you will see a section titled "Followers". Underneath that section are icons of the cherubs that are currently following AB takes CA.
 2. Underneath the icons is a line that reads: "Already a member? Sign in"

3. Click on "Sign In"... even if you are not already a member.

4. Now, here is where it gets exclusive.
You have to sign in with a certain "ID". If you already have an account with any of the following services, you can sign in using your name and password for that service.
They are:

Google (Gmail, Blogger, etc.)

If you don't have one of these accounts, you can create a Google account (or any of them, really) and that will enable you to leave comments on the blog.

And I loooooove comments. Otherwise, it feels like I am just talking to myself most of the time. Which, I do anyway... but that way I feel a lot less crazy!

Lastly, I've had a few requests for an e-mail notification every time I post. If you're interested, please let me know! I will add your name to the list of automatically generated e-mails that go out as soon as I hit "publish post". That's speedy service. 


OK... now that is out of the way, I have a fabulous (and super cheap and easy) recipe to share with you all!
I know... you're just going to have to accept it.
This WILL be a semi-food related blog.
I'm sorry!

One thing I discovered while in Austin, that somehow I missed for the 24 years prior, was Chipotle. Spencer would gladly eat there with me at least twice a week so I could get my burrito bowl fix. I loved their burrito bowls, and especially, their rice.
However, being the thrifty girl that I am, I always hated spending $7 for a meal of vegetables! Since I don't eat meat (well, land-grazing meat) I only ever wanted the veggie bowl and would cringe every time they gave me the total KNOWING I could easily make this myself.

My friends, I DID make it myself and you can too!

I discovered a fabulous copycat recipe for the cilantro lime rice that they serve at Chipotle. It was game over. The rice was absolutely fabulous!
However, a quick word of advice, if you chose to try this recipe (and I highly recommend that you do!) and want to save a couple of bucks, go with plain white rice instead of the extra long grain or Basmati. The extra long grain happened to be on sale at my supermarket, and while it was delicious and a little creamy, Spencer thought it was a little too sticky for his pallette.
To each his own.

This meal is pretty self-explanatory but I will go ahead and give you the run-down anyway!


Chipotle-ish Burrito Bowls

You will need:
Cilantro Lime Rice  (click on link for recipe)
Can of Black Beans, heated
Can of Pinto Beans, heated
Can of Corn, or Mexi-Corn, heated
Guacamole (use whatever recipe you like)
Sour Cream
Shredded Lettuce (not shown)
Diced Tomatoes (not shown)
Grilled Onions & Peppers (not shown)
Lime Wedge (for garnish)

Spoon rice into bowl and top with onions & peppers.
Add beans, corn, cheese, shredded lettuce, and diced tomatoes.
Top with a scoop of guacamole and sour cream.
Garnish with a wedge of lime.


As you can probably tell, I didn't have any lettuce, tomatoes, or grilled onions & peppers on mine. This was not intentional... we just didn't have enough room in the bowl! Can't wait to try this recipe again when I have my own dishes to use.
In the meantime, it is an excellent substitute!

And, to let you in on one more insider secret, these bowls taste much better with white corn tortilla chips and a Dos Equis.

It's a fact.

And, just for the record, the grand expense total for this dinner was...

$2.50 each (made four bowls)

Take that, Chipotle!

Anyway, hope you guys had a fabulous week and are well on your way to an even better weekend!


    Word Of Mouth Designs said...

    Will have to try that cilantro lime rice. Sounds refreshing for our 105 degree temperature.

    afairlie said...

    Yikes... sounds like you could use the Dos Equis more!

    Saskia said...

    mmmm tasty! why don't you just come on down here and make it for me :)

    afairlie said...

    I have a better idea. YOU come HERE and I will make it for you!

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