Friday, August 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: Work Edition

Whew! My lull in writing lately has come as a result of surviving my first week of employment as a southern California resident.


In honor of my first week, I decided to do an Awkward and Awesome: Work Edition to document five of the most awkward things that happened to me this week, alongside five of the most awesome. Inspired by my friends Catharine and Derek over at Your Modern Couple, here goes!

  1. Having a full-blown sinus infection on your very first week of work... complete with a 100 degree fever and a swollen face. Slightly less than awesome. 
  2. Eating lunch in your car, in the parking garage, for the first several days because none of your new co-workers will talk to you. You're the yee-haw weird new girl from Texas. Super. 
  3. Talking to a new co-worker as though she has been there for years, and totally trusting her judgment on everything. I mean, why wouldn't you? She offers you all kinds of good advice like "on my first week of work things were really slow for me, too. Once you get used to it, you'll get more and more work and you'll be busy in no time!", then overhearing your boss on the phone later saying that said co-worker started when? A week before you did! Fact. That happened. 
  4. Waiting patiently to be the last person in line on massage day (more on that later) while the masseuse talks your ear off about his children (who are now 23 and 21 years old) when they were toddlers and younger. Don't worry, he told me the whole birth story of his son and about his wife nursing his daughter. Dude. Massage time = quiet time. Shhhhhhhhh.
  5. Without a doubt, the people that I work with are almost identical to the people I used to work with in Austin. This one will reappear in the awesome section... but it is literally like taking a peak into the twilight zone.

  1. My first day of work just so happened to be "Massage Monday". Once a month, the company pays for a chiropractic masseuse to come in and give you a 15 minute back massage, along with a spinal alignment if you so chose to take up that offer. This one tops the list at massively awesome.
  2. Also carrying over from the awkward side is the fact that I work with an almost identical group of people as I did in Texas. It's literally like someone morphed their bodies, changed their names, but maintained their personalities. For the majority of my coworkers, this is a huge perk, and I even sit next to a Lisa! Shout out, Mrs. Sigler! ;)
  3. The location of this firm is in a very cool part of town within walking distance to restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, and Starbucks. My day is complete. 
  4. In Texas, our reps were very good to us. We would get cookies, cupcakes, lunches, breakfast burritos... you name it! While all of those things are greatly missed by me (but not my waistline), I am really looking forward to my rep-sponsored pedicure on Monday. Score.
  5. Spencer and I found a beautiful new apartment home in north San Diego! We are super excited to move in a month, and my drive time to work will drop from one hour (currently) to 20 minutes. Woo! (Bonus: our spacious new digs include a lovely guest suite complete with a separate bathroom and a gorgeous view of the lush hiking trails. Come visit us and we'll put you up real nice!) 

That's all for me! 
What are you guys up to this weekend? My plan is to kick back and take it easy. I think I can handle that :)


Anonymous said...

So I'm a horrible friend for just now catching up on this amazing post!
1. where are your outfit picks gurrrrl? Work it!
2. I was sick on my first day of work too! I think it was the stress, whirl-wind moving excursion, and new city combined into one big snot fest.
3. Massages at work? Rep pedis? I die.
4. I will be coming to visit you ASAP. Leave a light on for me? :)

You better do this every week! If anyone is awkward and awesome it's you! :D

Anonymous said...

Also, your comment font makes my smilies look like I have typing tourettes! Maybe I should space them like this : ) and : D

afairlie said...

Haha no you are not!
1.) No outfits for this girl! I am still living out of a suitcase so my wardrobe is interesting to say the least. I am lucky if my pants coordinate with my top!
2.) HAHA right?! It sucked majorly… of course that would happen.
3.) I know. I was shocked when they told me that on my first day I would be getting a massage. Excuse me??
4.) YES! You will know which door is ours… it will have the sign that says “Howdy, Ya’ll” : )

PS – I know! Haha I just realized the font is pretty whacked out… it’s too hard to read! I will get my IT department on it : )

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