Monday, August 29, 2011

Off to the Races!

Spencer and I.

Spencer and I had the pleasure of joining some friends this past Friday at the Del Mar racetrack for some drinks and a little gambling. We had a great time despite our empty wallets! 

Never having been to a real horse race before, I placed my bet on the horse bearing my last name and hoped for the best. Apparently, he not only had my name but also my athletic ability because he placed dead last. 

Go figure. 

We still had a great time sipping our not-so-cheap beers and enjoying the free concert once the races were over. 

Can't beat that view!

After losing our money... still smiling!

Oops... I don't remember the band's name. 


Saturday and Sunday were a busy blur, but I was thankful to have met up with some new friends on Sunday morning for coffee and chit-chat before dashing off to meet up with an old friend at her surprise baby shower! It just so happened that my bestest, Dyana, and her husband were in town visiting family for the weekend. Her husband's family arranged a surprise baby shower in her honor and invited me to come. We had a great time! How I managed to come away from either of these events with no pictures is beyond me, but we were too busy catching up to even consider it!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are well on your way to a fabulous week!


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