Sunday, September 18, 2011

Out on the Town

We got to see a lot more of San Diego this past weekend. And the weather was just right.

On Friday, I spent the afternoon playing in an all-woman's golf tournament. The theme was "Around the World" and some people really took it to the limit. The tourney was sponsored by local area reps, complete with all the food you could eat and all the booze you could drink. I mean, our first hole had a shot block. Hello, college. 

I showed up completely unprepared. I have no clubs, no golf shoes, not even any balls or tees. I was honestly probably the only one there without any of these items, and probably the only one whose boyfriend works for one of the leading golf companies. 

Cleopatra has returned.

That was the least of my worries, though. My first worry should have been that I have never swung a golf club a day in my life. 
Or know which club to use at any point during the game.
Or why I was using that particular club.
Or the fact that I didn't know what a tee box was. Or where it was.
Or to remember what your ball looks like once you tee off. 
Or maybe it should have been that I wasn't even sure where I was aiming. 
Or how to keep score.
Or at the very least, how to get the golf cart to move. 

I later found out it had to be in the ON position. 

Leading the pack!

Luckily I was able to keep everyone entertained, whether or not I was intending to. I had to leave a little early (thank goodness... sparing myself any more embarrassment) so that we could make it to the Padres game. Finally... a sport I know a little something about.

Welcome to Petco Park!

The stadium was beautiful, albeit outdoors. Don't get me wrong, I love an outdoor stadium, but not when it is 65 degrees outside and I'm in shorts! I saw people carrying blankets and coats. This blew my mind. Never in my wildest dreams could I picture carrying along these articles to a baseball game in Texas. A football game, maybe... but never a baseball game. The Padres won and the garlic fries were out of this world. Winning!

Great seats!

The obligatory stadium photo.

Saturday evening, we went out to dinner in Little Italy with friends. Downtown San Diego is a beautiful place, and we are both itching to get back! Luckily, in less than one short week, we will live about 20 minutes closer. Woohoo! 

Next weekend is the big move! Looking forward to not having to pay for laundry, having an oven, and maybe most importantly... DVR. It will be glorious.


Saskia said...

yay! but i didn't see you in your golf outfit :(

Catharine said...

OMG I laughed SO hard at your lack of golfing skills. I can totally picture how this all played out :)

Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

I really need to start my own blog as an interpretation of what "really" happens in the events cited in your blog. I do have to give you credit though ... you're a pretty good sport. Keep the stories coming!!

afairlie said...

Sas: The golf outfit was a dud. It was really totally unexciting!
Cat: LOL I am sure they were every bit as bad as you are imagining... maybe even worse! Annnd.... I just realized the font is still crazy!
Mom: You can't give away all of my secrets. Who would be impressed, then? :)

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