Sunday, October 9, 2011

Points of Pinterest: DIY Container Magnet

container magnets via afairlie on Pinterest

I am beginning a little series on the blog titled "Points of Pinterest'. If you have not yet discovered the time-wasting greatness known as Pinterest, then you are truly missing out! It is basically a virtual bulletin board that you can "pin" your favorite images from the web. I pin everything from recipes, to crafts, to clever quotes. 

My favorite thing to pin is DIY crafts. There are tons floating around Pinterest from so many clever individuals. In my craft closet (affectionately known as my "crap closet" by my darling boyfriend), I have at least 75% of the materials needed to re-create the DIY craftiness that I re-pin. This little series is designed to not only clean out my out-of-hand craft boards, but also my out-of-hand craft closet. 

I'm starting small with a simple, two-piece material project: container magnets. The idea is to use vintage tea, spice, or candy containers to hold pens and pencils for quick notes or grocery lists in the kitchen. Since I am constantly searching for a pen to mark off items on my handy dandy ALL OUT OF grocery pad (7$ at Urban Outfitters), this was a quick, ideal project. 

Like I mentioned, there are only two materials needed: a lovely tin container and magnets. I had some adhesive magnets already on hand, so my task was even simpler - just peeled the backing off and stuck the magnet to the back of the container. You could just as easily use hot glue or some other form of adhesive if your magnets do not have the sticky backing. 

And here is the finished product. The tin was one that I thrifted from Spencer. It contained tea bags in a delicious "cinnamon sunrise" flavor for hot tea. While deliciously warm and spicy, I am pretty sure those tea bags expired sometime in early 2002 so I felt no shame about tossing them and keeping the tin for myself. 

Besides it looks much cuter on my fridge than inside the pantry, don't you think? :)

And it just so happened to perfectly match my little magnet collection. Sigh. 

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