Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sweet Home San Diego: Before

Whew! I can officially say that we are moved in (well... 90% moved in!) to our beautiful new apartment in San Diego. Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to have movers haul our furniture and boxes up the three flights of stairs up to our new home. Considering there was only one small staircase, flanked with construction equipment, I was soooo glad to just be unpacking boxes on this move! Reason being? Our unit is currently under construction for the purposes of a community overhaul to upgrade the look and standard for the main staircase of each unit in the complex. We sure know how to plan a move!

I plan on doing a little "Before and After" blog post for you guys to see the transformation of our new place. Until I can get some pictures hung and a plan for the walls (we are scheming something grand!), I can only leave you with the "Before" part to this two-part post. 

Not much to see yet, but enjoy!  

Main Entry.


Kitchen Storage... the cabinets are 24" deep.  This is huge, people!

Dining Room from Kitchen.

Guest Bedroom... sorry for the blur!

Guest Bathroom.

Living Room... canyon view.

Master Bedroom.

Master Bathroom... not as much storage as the Kitchen!
Master Closet.

More where these came from! Stay tuned... :)


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