Friday, December 9, 2011

Current Events

1.) I got glasses.
Yes, my eyes are dilated.
Yes, I made that face on purpose.
No, I don't regret it.

2.) I finally found this cocktail! Worth $14? ... absolutely. 

3.) Chloe got a round of shots last weekend,
 and has been overly cuddly with her mom.
I had to take a picture... this will never happen again. 

4.) Two words: Scarf. Season. 

5.) Discovering more things to do in San Diego.
As always, a lovely adventure :) 


Got it?

Good :) 


xxsarahfayexx said...

Dearest Adrienne, please make me a gray infinity scarf? Please and thank you?

afairlie said...

Let me get past Christmas knitting and we can totally talk about it :) I heart you!

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