Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Amazing Race

OK, so seriously... this happened back in October. 

I think. I can't really remember. 

But, it was totally blog-worthy, so here goes!

The Design Team

My company put together an Amazing Race themed scavenger hunt. We all had an amazing time (forgive the pun), and can not wait to do it again!

The whole race was a surprise to most all of us. Only one of the Principals and our Business Manager knew what was going on. For weeks, all we were told was that on one certain day we were to dress comfortably... and make sure our cell phones were fully charged. 


When it was finally revealed to us one Thursday morning what exactly we were going to be doing, we were all a little hesitant and nervous about how this was going to go. Admittedly, I have never seen a single episode of The Amazing Race, but all I knew was that you were sent to a multitude of places on a live scavenger hunt across the world and that the prize is a large amount of money. 

I'm in. 

We started by having lunch in Old Town San Diego at a fabulous Mexican food restaurant. The margaritas were flowing, and I had all the liquid confidence in the world that I could do this. 

Our crew.

We drew numbers for our two teams. 

Team #1: Jessica, Tara, Tina, Bailey

Team #2: Lisa, Jen, Me
The way the completely random teams shaped up was pretty ironic. Team #1 pretty much all works together, as do Lisa, Jen, and myself. The whole point of The RBN Amazing Race was to move us around and move outside the "inner circle". Fail. 

We were given our first clues (not all the same) and we were off. The race took place all over downtown San Diego (from Old Town, to Little Italy, to the Gaslamp) - we covered a LOT of ground. By foot. Mostly. 

Coming through!
Along the way were posted several meerkats (it's sort of our thing... if you could't tell by the matching shirts). These were opportunities for extra points. We thought we had really racked up... don't worry. It was only the like FOUR that the other team missed. They had approximately 50. Double fail. 

At one point in the race, we all met back up at a bowling alley for (more) beer and bowling. We had one more clue, leading us to our final destination which was Nobu, a sushi restaurant downtown. We celebrated the end of the race (it lasted about 8 hours) with sushi and more wine. 

Let me preface this next part by saying, we didn't stand a chance. 

Lisa and I did not know where the hell we were going, and pretty much every guess we made was incorrect. Not to mention the meerkats we accumulated, along with the clues along the way, were few and far between. However, in our own minds, we totally thought we owned the day... until we saw the stack of found clues / meerkats from the other team. Triple fail. 

Sadly (and clearly) we lost, but our consolation prizes of manis/pedis were't too bad. 

It was a fantastic day and one we all can't wait to do again!


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