Sunday, July 22, 2012


Whelp. I spoke too soon.

Just when things were looking good on the patio, these mammoth green monsters took over.

Meet the hornworm.

the instigator

and his little (big) friend

Take my word for it--these are the most disgusting looking creatures you ever laid eyes on. I went outside today to innocently check on my plants, as I do every day. I noticed that many of the leaves had holes in them. I suspected that I must have a worm, but was not quite ready for this.

I began to pluck the leaves off and was reaching to pick off another when I stopped and noticed what was camouflaged in the leaves. I shrieked. This thing was just sucking the poor life from my bell pepper. Upon further inspection, I noticed another one on my jalapeno plant. I ran back inside and spent the next 20 minutes convincing myself they did not follow me indoors (as if they could move that fast) and that they were not in fact buried in the sofa with me. After I got my self in check, I went back outside to investigate a little further.

I took this quick little video of this guy drinking my poor peppers. (Note: In the video, you can actually hear me sigh in disgust at these critters). 

Needless to say, I wanted nothing more to do with those plants. Into the trash they went, along with my darling garden owl. Never to be seen again.

As for now, I am sticking to the succulents :)


Ursula said...

Ahhhh!!!! Those things are horrible!

afairlie said...

They are! The grossest looking garden ruiners :(

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