Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Diegoversary

I am quite certain that I am entitled to the WWB Award (World's Worst Blogger) if there were such a thing considering the obscene amount of time that has passed since my last post. 
One of which, I would embrace. 
And probably throw a party in my honor. Of myself. 

But I digress. 

Where to begin? I guess there's no place like the beginning!

Since my last post was dated March (yikes!)... 


I hopped a very crowded plane to my hometown for Mother's Day weekend to spend some time with my family since I had not seen them since I left for San Diego. I ate lots of Blue Bell, at lots of BBQ and Tex Mex, and drank beer from a can (not that I couldn't do the latter here in SD... something about canned beer on a patio on a Texas summer night just feels right). It was all glorious. 
the best ice cream in the country ;)

Upon my arrival back home, I discovered that Spencer had found a condo for us and although our lease was not up for another several months, we leased at a very expensive rotation in the market and were looking to get out of the cycle. The upside (and downside) was that we needed to be out of our current place in (gulp) two weeks. We signed the paperwork and moved in to our gorgeous new condo near the beach a short two weeks later and have been loving it ever since. Since I am still not totally finished with all the rooms, I'll give you a little taste of the (almost) complete rooms to date. Blending two completely different styles and incorporating our hand-me-down furniture is sometimes a challenge, but our little condo is cozy and homey :)
our extra large patio

seating area

multi-media room

reading/lounging nook

media cabinet

The month of May ended with one of my favorite families coming to the big SD for a visit! Just look at this little man and how he's grown :) He totally melts my heart. His sweet parents aren't so bad, either ;)

*Photo coming soon!*


I started a pepper garden. Yup. 
And I didn't kill anything yet! 
Then, I got addicted and got really out of hand... these are just a few of the new little beauties gracing my patio these days. 
le peppers: be jalapeƱo, serrano, poblano, and habanero. 

thyme (rosemary not shown)

beautiful kong coleus :)

Spencer and I flew across the map to The Big Apple for my uncle's wedding. We spent the majority of our time in upstate NY and a couple of days in the city. We had a great time, but soon realized the impact our laid back SoCal life has on us. :)
downtown woodstock, ny

me, pre-wedding festivities

my handsome man!


It's hard to believe I am even writing this, but we are approaching our ONE YEAR San Diegoversary in just 5 days. It's unfathomable. I think of how many things we've done in the last year and I can't even process it all. Southern California is an absolutely gorgeous place to live and we thank our lucky stars every day to be here in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

That's all for now :) Have a delightful weekend!

PS--Chloe has taken up golf now that she is a west coast kitty. Apparently, all the cool cats are doing it. 


Saskia said...

so, i decided to randomly check in on your blog today...and what the heck!! you updated!!! :) haha. anywho, your condo is so stinking cute--i love it! and you and spencer are looking great! spencer looks so adorable in his wedding outfit haha :) i have his same glasses now. anyway, it sounds like you two are doing well and i'm happy for you guys! tootaloo!

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