Saturday, September 1, 2012

sweet home sweet

We have officially been in our sparkly new condo for three months and I have yet to post any pictures. I keep waiting for a time when it will be complete, and I could stage it appropriately and all would be picture perfect. 

Well, that day may never come.

We are constantly adding new pieces, taking things away, re-arranging and re-organizing. It is a work in progress.

The style of our condo is not one that really "fits" either of us, despite our love of the location and community. Spencer tends to lean toward a woodsy craftsman  style while I like the design to be clean, minimal. It is a continual challenge every time we shop for something new. Blending our two styles has been the most difficult challenge thus far in my little design career, but so far we have made it out unscathed and with no little arguing.

We live in a two bedroom / two bathroom ground level condominium that opens onto a community putting green (this surely had NO bearing on our decision). While we technically still live in San Diego proper, we are just on the cusp of Del Mar. We are able to walk to several different restaurants, two grocery stores, Starbucks, nail / hair salons, a bookstore, a brewery, a chocolatier, several clothing stores and a movie theatre among other things. We generally have a more difficult time deciding where to go than having a lack of places to go and this was the main reason we chose this location.

Without further ado, here are a few pictures of our little home. It's cheery and colorful (despite my original wishes... but I must admit it's growing on me). It's all about the compromise!

My apologies for the photo quality... some of them turned out a bit grainy with distorted color. Of course, I didn't have an opportunity to photo stage them, either. Just a glimpse into what we see everyday :)

view of kitchen from dining area
view of living room from main entry
living room
this was taken this afternoon and we have already purchased a new living room rug.
this is why it has taken me so long to get photos :)
hallway / utility from kitchen
media room
yes, that rug was made with carpet samples.

media room

hallway from media room to guest bath

hallway decor
we are a two-name household :)
guest bath

guest bath
the paint color is existing
view of master bedroom off entry


that dorky little office fan does the trick. gotta love socal!

master en suite
long stretch from bedroom to master bath
chloe approves it all.


TJanuszewski said...

You're sweet home is ADORABLE! Love the colors. I think I'm going to redo our master bedroom this fall and do a grey & white theme. Yours looks great girl! :)

afairlie said...

Thank you! I keep changing it up all the time, so the look literally differs from week to week. Grey is the new black! It’s the perfect neutral :) It’ll look great!

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