Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Un-Official Fall Lineup

So, my pals over at Your Modern Couple have published their own version of their must-see fall lineups.

Being a DVR junkie myself, I felt the need to share my own un-official fall lineup. In some weird way, it might help me justify the insane amount of television hours spent during the months of September through December. No...? Well, here goes anyway.

Adrienne's Un-Official Fall Lineup
in no particular order


Why I watch: Because it seriously convinces me that I missed my calling as a young performer. I'm only lacking the talent... a very minor detail. The show is quirky, off-beat, and full of tunes that make you feel as though it's completely normal to bust out the chorus of "Dancing Queen" in the drive-through car wash. Not speaking from experience

Sons of Anarchy

Why I watch: Haters gonna hate. This show is full of drama, twists, turns, and surprises. It took me a while to get into and appreciate, but once that happened I was hooked. Plus Jax Teller (aka Charlie Hunnam) is massively hot.  

Mad Men

Why I watch: Seriously, it's so good. You've probably been told at some point in time "how much you would like it", or so I was told at least 100x before we finally got tired of hearing about it and decided to Netflix it. It was an instant obsession since the first episode and now we are anxiously awaiting the fourth season's release on Netflix so we can finally catch up with the rest of the world following Don Draper's delightfully charismatic life. 

The Real Housewives of Whatever

Why I watch: I don't really know. But I do. All of them. And Beverly Hills is my favorite. I feel like they're nicer than the rest...? Episode after episode, I turn off the television shaking my head but like a glutton for punishment continue to come back for more. 

Teen Mom

Why I watch: Guilty as charged. But my sentence should be lessened considering this is the last and final season. In fact, it's already over... I may or may not be mourning it a little. I began watching this show as 16 and Pregnant, out of sheer curiosity and four seasons later I am still tuning in. Seeing these young mother's trials and tribulations aired on public television is sad... but makes for good decent television. 

College Football

Why I watch: Last but not least, it wouldn't be fall without college football. Since moving to San Diego, we rarely get an opportunity to watch our Alma Mater, but we still tune in every week to see who's playing. On the rare occasion we get to catch a Texas Tech game, we are there. Thanks, and wreck 'em. 

That pretty much sums it up, and I still have room on the DVR :) What are your can't-miss fall shows? 


TJanuszewski said...

You should tune into the show "Vegas" on CBS. It's a new one, and we really like it! It just came on last night, so you wouldn't be far behind if you decided to catch next weeks episode! :)

Saskia said...

i'm literally obsessed with mad men...obsessed...

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