Monday, October 22, 2012

5-Ingredient Banana Bread

Leave it to Pinterest to simply and deliver a classic recipe. Mmmm... banana bread.

Recently, I pinned this recipe for 3-ingredient banana bread. It looked easy enough (right up my alley). I had four very ripe bananas left over from the week before. If you know me you know that once a banana turns yellow all the way, even without a brown spot in sight, I won't touch it. I prefer green to yellow-green bananas any day.

Total weirdo.

Anyway, I was going to make smoothies but saw this recipe for decadent banana bread and out the window that idea went. I followed the recipe exactly, except that I added a couple of handfuls of Heath toffee bits and a teaspoon of vanilla. I chose to use course chopped walnuts in lieu of chocolate chips.

It turned out fantastic, but then again... if it's on Pinterest, I usually don't question it. I have only had one failed attempt at a Pinterest recipe and it was regretfully my own fault. Much as I'd like to place blame elsewhere, when you buy the wrong cut of meat (a chuck roast) in place of a higher quality meat (sirloin) results tend to not be in your favor! Who would have thought?

I highly recommend this easy recipe the next time you're looking for an easy brunch addition, potluck alternative, or an excuse to use up those bananas in a flash. Can't wait for your bananas to ripen? Try this. And let me know if it works :)


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