Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Little Bit of Progress, Color & Charity Knitting

The last several weeks have flown by. Is it really October already? Between work, social life and a car that can't seem to keep itself out of the shop... I am welcoming an opportunity to sit back and enjoy some college football today.

I wanted to brag share with you a lovely surprise! Boyfriend knew I had a really tough day at work on Thursday and brought home these cheery, colorful flowers (of the plantable variety) to enjoy for the rest of the season. What a keeper :)

While I was planting the colorful goodness, I noticed that my succulent clippings have really taken off and I was bursting with pride. I know... a monkey could grow a succulent, especially in a southern California climate, but hey... small victories, right? Just look at these guys go! Hard to believe they each started as a clipping approximately 1"-2" tall.

Lastly, my needles have been busy churning out several benefit / charity projects.  These are the two most recent finished items, both of which I am completely satisfied. I made the wee pumpkin hat as part of a gift set for sale at an upcoming benefit for my cousin's sweet baby born with Rhizomelic Chodrodisplasia Punctuata (RCDP), a rare genetic disorder affecting 1 in every 100,000 births. Family and friends are hosting a benefit to raise money in assistance with medical costs associated with the disorder. This little hat will be a silent auction item for the event. 

I also whipped up this simple fringed scarf for Susan G. Komen's Knit for the Cure in which handmade knitted items are donated for sale to raise money for breast cancer research. Please excuse my apparel, my model had the day off. 

Hope you all are having a fabulous fall!


Saskia said...

you are so creative i love your knitted fashion decor--wish i had gotten to learn from you before you ran off to CA :) your plants are gorgeous!

afairlie said...

Why thank you friend!! :)

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