Monday, October 22, 2012

London - Polished

Our pretty girl is doing great!

a bath, a long walk with my mom, and a nap... the perfect day!

We saw such a huge change in her today. Up until this morning, she had not had a bath or been groomed since we brought her home from the shelter. This was not us being bad pet owners (trust me--we are way too clean and tidy to normally allow this!) We were reminded at the shelter that we don't know her any more than she knows us and have no way of knowing how she would react to bathing. We certainly didn't want to be the bad guys right off the bat, so we got the first available appointment at the groomer and in she went on Sunday morning!

We dropped her off to get cleaned, trimmed, and brushed. When we took her in, she was still the lovable baby we had met a couple of days before but she was cautious and painfully scared of offending us. When went together to pick her up. While Spencer was returning the pet gate (which we didn't end up needing because she is THAT well behaved), I went inside to get her. The dog that came running out to meet me was a totally different dog than we dropped off. Aside from having a beautifully shiny coat and two tiny Tiffany blue bows, she instantly had more confidence, playfulness, and overall happiness that we had seen before. See, she just needed a makeover ;) We have received so many compliments on her sweet disposition, but the groomer by far gave us the best one yet. She said that London was not only the best dog she has ever worked on, but she is THE best dog she has ever met. She had instantly fallen in love with her and it made me beam with pride.

pretty car rider :)

We returned home for a bit longer before taking her to the vet for her complimentary follow-up appointment. The vet didn't find any glaring problems with her (woo!) but since she was still on an antibiotic for her UTI, he requested to see her again in a week once the meds were out of her system for a full assessment.

Spencer and I finally got brave enough to leave her alone at home in order to grab a quick dinner tonight. It's not that we don't trust her and it's certainly not that we are worried she will tear something up--it was more concern on our end as to how she would react to us leaving. We snuck around to the back patio to see what she would do when we first left. We stood, for about 5 minutes, watching her. She sat by the front door for several minutes, before laying down right at the front door. We left for dinner, hoping she would get up and walk around. Once we got home, we snuck around to the patio door to see where she was at this point. To our surprise, she was in the exact same spot! Still waiting patiently by the front door. To touch my heart even more, once we came inside both London and Chloe met us at the door with wagging tails and happy faces. This is truly one of the happiest feelings I have ever experienced. It made every emotion from the last couple of days completely and totally justified. We got a good one!

Today, I raced home from work at noon to check on her. This was the longest amount of time we'd left her alone and I was admittedly a little nervous how she and Chloe were getting along. To my delight, but not surprise at this point, the two were napping together in the same room. They each gave me this look as to say "what's your problem, mom? we are fine". Again, just made me fall in love with her more. The fact that she respects Chloe's space is more than I could have ever asked for :)

seriously, mom? we are fine. 

She still will not get out of the car without being lifted, which breaks my heart. I know this will come with time and trust in us that we aren't going to leave her. In the meantime, we will be enjoying our sweet puppy and so thankful that she wound up in our lives :)


Brittany Renee said...

Your new pup looks like the sweetest cuddle-bug! Just wanted to tell you that we had a lab for 12 years that's we got from andrew hahn's family as a puppy and for some reason he had no problem getting into our truck, but would never jump down, it's like he was afraid of heights or just jumping down, in general. Just wanted to share, maybe it's a lab thing. : o)

afairlie said...

Thank you, Brittany! She is the sweetest cuddle bug and I'm crazy about her already! I'm sure that was difficult to catch ;) That's really good to know about your doggy experience--can't believe even after 12 years he still had trouble getting down! Sweet boy! Helps keep my expectations in check for Lady London ;)

TJanuszewski said...

Hi London! I am so glad your Mom shared pictures of you with me. I showed them to my son Jiggs and he thought you were a mighty pretty puppy ;). It melts my heart to hear the stories about her. I LOVE IT! Keep them coming. She's adorable and it sounds like she was made just perfect from God for you & Spencer! Enjoy her...doggies are so much fun :)

afairlie said...

Haha! Why thank you! I am sure Miss London would find Mr. Jiggs most handsome ;) She is the sweetest dog I have ever met! We've owned dogs my whole life and none of them have had quite the same disposition as she has. Our little blessing :) I am totally smitten with her! If that wasn't already wildly obvious ;) Thanks for the sweet comment!

Tikaa Herridge-Cone said...

Our Airedale will not jump at all, not in the car, not out of the car. On one hand I am thankful (she's almost 100 pounds) and on the other hand it would be easier sometimes if she would just JUMP.
We love our dogs, a good pet is a great feeling.

instagram: TikaaC

afairlie said...

I am loving hearing all of the stories from other pet owners about their own fur babies! Thank you for sharing--Makes me wonder if London was just always the same way with her refusal to get out. Good thing my beau has a car--we might be in for the long haul!

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