Sunday, November 4, 2012


If you've ever heard anyone use the phrase "an emotional roller coaster" in reference something, then you'll understand this post. When I say this last week has not only been an emotional roller coaster, but this girl had a first class ticket on the express ride. And I sat next to the kid who puked. 

Figuratively speaking, of course. 

Work was insanely busy this last week, but that part was manageable. The part that wasn't was my closest friend / lunch buddy / partner in crime at the office left this past week for another firm. While I could not be any happier for her (and even a tad bit jealous!) I have really missed her being at work. It's just not the same. The work is still the same, the rest of the people are still the same, but the everyday occurrences are completely different. It stinks and I've been riding the highs and lows all week. 

It did however get me thinking about my own industry goals, and even motivated me toward completing some of those things. It's hard not to get complacent.

So that this post is not all so "wah wah wah"... the HOLIDAYS are almost here!!! I am soooo excited. It's my favorite time of year! If only our weather would cooperate ;) It's hard to put up a tree and dress in flannel PJ bottoms while sipping hot chocolate if it is still 72 and sunny outside. 

Here's to a new week! 


TJanuszewski said...

I know exactly what you mean about missing coworkers. I miss my Brenham National Bank coworkers so much...especially Alison! :(

afairlie said...

It's hard! Totally changes the dynamic... trying to move past it! :) Luckily, the holidays are doing a good job at distracting me :)

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