Thursday, November 29, 2012

fill my stocking with a duplex... and checks

I adore the holidays for many reasons.
I love the spirit of the season, the quality time spent with family and friends, the decorating, the baking and crafting. But most of all, I love the giving.

I'm a spoiler. I love to shower those closest to me with little tokens of appreciation for being in my life over the last year. Throughout the course of the year, I keep a running list of ideas for certain hard-to-buy-for individuals. This way, once October rolls around (yes, I start early) I am not pulling my hair out.

Having said that, I tend to be on 
Team: Many Little Gifts as opposed to the popular
Team: One Big Gift. This is where Spencer and I differ drastically.

This is one reason why I find gifting stocking stuffers to be the most fun. I tend to go for quirky little trinkets that my recipient can use year-round. The other great thing is that stocking stuffers tend to be inexpensive since they are not typically the feature gift(s). Win.

In the spirit of the season, I've compiled a list of some of my current favorite stocking-worthy finds.
It's kind of like 'Oprah's Favorite Things'... on a budget.

 Without further ado…

$5 Magazine Subscriptions to
Seriously, some great finds on this list and BONUS(!) your recipient can enjoy an entire years worth of subscriptions for $5!

You can never have too many of these little guys on hand. Plus, now they come in a variety of different, yummy flavors. I happen to be a Chap-Stick girl myself, but I am boring and often accused of being a traditionalist (who knew?) so I only like the scent of the original black-and-white tube.

You don’t have to like coffee to use a Starbucks gift card! Tons of other caffeinated/non-caffeinated options await you. While I am an avid coffee drinker (it didn’t make #1 on my thankful list for nothin’!) I also really like their refreshers (cool lime flavor, especially), chai tea lattes, salted caramel hot chocolate (the best!) and all of their Tazo teas. And don’t even get me started on their treats! Cranberry Bliss Bar? Yes, please.

Chocolate & Candy
 I especially like to give the mini Dove pieces or Lindor truffles. These are the perfect size for your recipient’s desk at work, candy jar, purse, or pocket. I mean really… you never really know when the mood is going to strike, am I right girls? Gotta be prepared… Girl Scouts motto.

Fun Dishtowels
I am a self-proclaimed dishtowel whore. I have no shame in admitting that. We all use them. Why not give away a couple of fun, brightly colored ones for your recipient to use year-round? The oven handle will thank you.

Travel Size Hand Lotion & Anti-Bacterial
These are great—for girl or boy! I keep one of each in my purse, car and around the house. I especially love Aveda Hand Relief lotion. Fantastic quality and it only takes a little bit to get your hands feeling smooth and moisturized in no time. Bath & Body Works also sells lots and lots of mini lotions and anti-bacterial gels in fun scents.

I love gifting Christmas ornaments made unique because of their regional characteristics. For instance, last year I gave the families each a beautiful glass ornament in the shape of California to commemorate our first year as CA residents. I waited until the holiday inched closer before purchasing them, as the prices were drastically reduced. This one is especially fun if you live in a different city!
last year's ornament stocking stuffer
Coffee / Keurig Cups
Here I go again… I know. If you are gifting for a coffee drinker, another one of my favorites are those little pouches of flavored, ground coffees. You can get these anywhere (World Market and Target both sell them, for instance) and they are often very reasonable in price. This allows your recipient to try a couple of different flavors without having to commit to an entire bag. Also, if you know that he or she has a Keurig machine, the individual cups of coffees make great gifts as well.

Post-it Notes & Notepads
As much of a ‘green’ society we may be (or try to be), we’re always going to have a need for these. Make that grocery list in style! Why not?

Re-Useable Grocery Bags
So, I couldn’t give the above example without at least providing a sustainable counterpart, now could I? I adore these fold-up re-useable grocery bags, like the kind by Baggu. They even fold up into their own little pouch for easy storage--cute! I stick ‘em in my purse and always have at least one handy for the times I forget to bring in the Trader Joe’s bags inside with me… which is every time.


Scentsy Bars / Travel Tins
I am a big fan of Scentsy! I’ve got one warmer in the kitchen that I keep running constantly. Each Scentsy bar is only $5 and lasts for a long time. The travel tins are the perfect, sweet-smelling addition to the car.

I'd love to hear your favorite stocking stuffers to give and/or receive! I'm always looking for fresh new ideas in this department.
Happy shopping!


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