Saturday, November 17, 2012

Giving Thanks

Oh, that’s right. You know what time it is.
Well, OK. Technically not for another week… but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start counting my blessings now!
We’ve all seen those Facebookers who have the daily countdown to Thanksgiving and commemorate each day with sharing something they are thankful for (friends, family, health, etc). Are you one of these people?
Pardon my criticism, but those posts kind of make me want to beat you with the obvious stick.
I’m certainly NOT meaning to imply that I am at all oblivious to the very same blessings in my own life. Each day I thank my lucky stars for all these things and more. At least for me, these are the types of things that I don’t take for granted and am therefore continually grateful.
While I am thankful for my friends, family, health (my own and that of those I care about), I have a whole list of other things I am thankful for in addition to these… a shallower more concise list that I will share with you in honor of the season.

Coffee: Because without it, I’d hurt people. 

Starbucks: Because some days, I just don’t feel like making any stinking coffee. Also, because they are the creators of the pumpkin spice latte, the cranberry bliss bar, the gingerbread latte, the pumpkin scone, and the most advanced coffee ordering hierarchy I've ever seen in my life (which is the main reason I adore them).

Chloe and London: I know, this could technically fall into my “obvious” category… but with a combined weight of 74 lbs, these two little creatures make my world go ‘round, and therefore deserve their own spot in my list. 

The ‘pink fluff and lava cake’ concoction at Souplantation: Seriously, who eats this pink stuff!? I am pretty sure every time we go (which unfortunately, is often) there is the same, untouched bowl of it sitting there. It's some sort of heavenly concoction of marshmallow fluff, cool whip, strawberries and crack cocaine. I really go hard on it. Coupled with the lava cake... watch out. 

seriously, was not even mildly ashamed. 
AutoCAD: I'm dead serious. It's like a game that I continually want to beat. 

DVR/Netflix: We are admitted junkies. Currently, we're working our way through Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, and True Blood. It's like a little gift every time you see that red envelope in the mail box :) 

Pandora: Because it knows what I like. And because I can plug in my headphones and no one else at work has to know I am listening to Boyz II Men, Taylor Swift, and Christmas music on loop play... not that I would ever be ashamed to admit it ;) 

My iPhone: Superficial much? But really… what did we do before smart phones? Look up directions before leaving the house? Be forced to make conversation with a stranger while stuck in line? Barbaric. 

The friendly people at my neighborhood Starbucks: OK, I see a recurring theme here. But really... these people are awesome. Surely, they are not locals. 

MAC Makeup: Because I'd be scary without it! 

Getting off at noon on Fridays: BIGGEST perk of my job. 

Diet Coke: I’ve toned it waaaaay down on the D.C. intake since moving to one of the '2012 Forbes 20 Healthiest Cities in America' (thank you very much!), but sometimes I just neeeeeeeed one. 

Texas Tech: I love my school--regardless of our ability to choke in football--but this is where I did the most growing up, met the best friends (and my sweet boy!) and had the time of my life. And given the opportunity, I would do it over time and time and time again :)

Altoids/Gum: I have an addiction to mint flavored goodness and an unhealthy fear of bad breath. 

Instagram: Ahhh… the outlet for individuals like me who are going to document their every move through a series of completely unnecessary pictures and force everyone to look anyway. 

Christmas Decorations: Oh how I ADORE decorating for Christmas! The hall closet is bursting at the seams with decor and once Halloween hits, I have to sit on my hands to wait a few more weeks to drag it all out and play. 

Pangea Organics Hand and Body Lotion (Indian Lemongrass with Rosemary): It smells nice. And my hands stay moisturized all day long. 

Trader Joe’s: LOVE everything about this place.

Crafting: My favorite past-time. 

My career: I love what I do. I mean, I really love it. It's not as glamourous as HGTV and BRAVO would have you believe. It's hard work, long hours, gives little recognition and pays even less. You take a lot of crap and your opinion as a professional is often veto'd because someone read the latest issue of Interior Design magazine and therefore is an expert in cork flooring (true story--yet, another reason why I reminded that residential design is not my forte). However, the beauty of the spaces you transform are nothing compared to the excitement across a client's face when their project is completed. You must have a passion for it. There's no other way! 

So, there you have it. Twenty things off the top of my head I am most thankful for. 

What are you most grateful for? Obvious or otherwise? 


Saskia said...

i love that you put your "thankful" list here--bc i'm with you...i hate seeing it all over fb :) you are awesome! what are yalls plans for thanksgiving again? spencer's family coming to visit? hope you weekend is great and relaxing with your little familia :)

afairlie said...

Haha--I just feel like some of the broadcast is very obvious! I prefer silliness :) We are here again--just the two of us! What are you guys up to? Hope it's something fun!

Tikaa Herridge-Cone said...

First let me say that if one comment from already came through please delete and keep this one. I was typing a comment and then it was gone! So i'm doing it again.

AMEN SISTER...those countdown of all things I am thankful for on FB and instagram full of how wonderful their husbands or children are. BARF!!!
For once I want to hear some of the women I know say they are thankful for prozac or tequilla becuase without they would be a real b&*ch. Thats never going to happen.
I loved your list. I need to add a few to mine, like my iphone. Without it I would probably never check emails, would never remember a phone number and I'd always leave the house without my umbrella. Plus lets not forget that it's my connection to Instagram and I am addicted so thank you iphone for feeding my my addiction.
I heart Christmas decorations too! I've been decorating for a week and I am starting to think I am a box of moth balls and a plastic slip cover from being called an old lady.
Love your honestly and fun approach (just how I try to approach it).

Happy Thanksgiving,
Instagram: TikaaC

Tikaa Herridge-Cone said...

I joined your blog, I'm a follower of AB takes CA.

instagram: TikaaC

afairlie said...

I absolutely ADORE your honesty, too! You crack me up by saying all of those things we are all thinking! Thanks so much for reading--I'm glad to know I've got a kindred spirit!

TJanuszewski said...
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TJanuszewski said...

Can I just say that I LoVe your list? In fact, I might steal the idea & do a version of my own if you don't mind! To me, people who put that crap on facebook are people who need justification to the world & more importantly to theirselves on their relationships or lack their of. Anyway, I hope you & Spencer have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I'm already preparing my food lists & such for Thursday's feast! And, I know I haven't answered you, but I WILL!! Since the wedding things have settled, some. Have a great Thanksgiving friend!! :)

afairlie said...

I think you should absolutely do your own version! I love seeing what other people have on their selfish/funny/sad-but-true thankful lists! So fun.
And no worries about the delinquency in getting back to me—you’ve had a thing or two going on this month ;) Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING as Mrs. Davenport! :)

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