Saturday, November 24, 2012

Merry & Bright

black friday at the outlet mall 

OK... I'll admit it.

This year, once again, we celebrated Thanksgiving around the table with my 9' Christmas tree in the background.
I'm sorry... I can't help myself. 

The intention was to put up the tree and the rest of the decorations on Thanksgiving Day, after the turkey coma had passed. However, as I flipped through Instagram, finding photo after filtered photo of beautifully decorated trees, garland, and tablescapes, I marched right to the hall closet and pulled out every stinking box of holiday decorations I own. Then... I got to work. 

With Spencer's help, we put up the tree (well... he mostly put up the tree--someone had to supervise!) and strung the lights (again, my supervision skills were at work). It then took the next hour and 48 linear feet of silver mesh ribbon to twist, tuck, pinch, throw a tantrum, un-do, re-do, throw another tantrum, fluff, and finally stand back and bask in my creation of the perfectly styled Christmas tree. From here, the canvas had been set for the ornaments... which would unfortunately have to wait until the next day (Thanksgiving Day) as I was grumbling about being too tired to proceed.

Thanksgiving morning started bright and early at 5 AM with the making of cranberry sauce, followed by pumpkin spice pancakes for breakfast (in the shape of a Double T, of course), followed by the creation of a very fall-inspired apple pie. Since our turkey and stuffing was pre-cooked (no judging!) these were the only menu items involving any real effort. We'd invited a friend over, new to San Diego with no family in a reasonably close distance, to join us so I felt compelled to put forth some effort, minute as it may have been.


After a menu consisting of turkey with gravy, chicken sausage and cornbread stuffing, slow cooker macaroni and cheese (wonderful!), orange-cranberry sauce, green beans with bacon, and whole wheat rolls, we enjoyed a cup of coffee paired with a slice of apple pie / vanilla ice cream for dessert. Normally, after consuming a meal of this capacity, I would burrow into a hole and sleep for all of winter... but I was on a mission. I dragged out all three boxes of ornaments, and began to trim the tree.

thanks to williams-sonoma's pie crust cutters,
our apple pie was fancy fancy!

coffee and pie... my favorite way to enjoy a cup o' joe. 

Three hours later, I was still at it. I felt like such a loser boxing up unused ornaments, but with the 12" wide mesh ribbon winding its way down the tree, there just wasn't enough room this year. After the last box had been put away, we immediately started for the outlet mall to do a little Black Friday shopping. The doors opened at 9 PM this year instead of midnight (bless you, outlet mall employees) so we were shopped, home, and putting away our goodies by 11:30 PM...S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

Here's a little glimpse of some of the decorations around the house. I'm still adding here and there, but for the most part, it's styled and ready for the holidays! It also helps that I'm ahead of schedule for the party I'm having next weekend... more on that later.

living room / dining room tree
one of the garlands--this is above the bedroom door. 

of course our santa is a texas tech santa.

the stockings were hung by the
chimney entertainment console
with care...

a simple table display in the works. 

In the meantime, hope that you all had a wonderful Turkey Day and are off to a very merry holiday season :)



Saskia said...

your place looks gorgeous! did you buy the decor that wrapped around your entry way? or did you make all of that? dang girl! you could go into a business getting people's homes ready for the holiday season!! :)

afairlie said...

Thanks, Sas! No I made it--bought the garland and ribbon seperately and just filled in with extras I had at home :) Got the gifts wrapped last night and the dog brought them to her bed and unwrapped two of them. ;) glad I had some leftover wrapping paper!

TJanuszewski said...

Ok I'm officially NOT putting up pictures of our decorations because yours looks FaBuLoUs! Nice work! How did you get the mesh stuff to work in the tree like that? Did you tie it every so often or did you just bunch it & it stayed like that. I love all of it!!

P.S. Jiggs has already gotten in his stocking & taken out his stocking stuffers! Are these animals smart or what!

afairlie said...

Oh, please do! I’d love to see your new goodies from Wesley. Mine are just a compilation of things I had lying around the house—no time to get anything new (booooo).

The mesh was easy enough in theory, but fussy. Since you’re also a perfectionist, it’ll drive you nuts! The easiest way I found was to start at the top of the tree and just wrap it all around (no pinching or tucking yet). Once the whole tree was literally covered head to toe in silver, I started back at the top and every 12”-18” I pinched, twisted, and twisted a tree branch (since we have a fake) to hold it in place. Then I fluffed it/messed with it to get it to look right. Just repeat this every so often in as even increments as you can get (I didn’t actually pull out a ruler or anything!)

So funny about Jiggs! He’s a smart cookie! Unfortunately for Miss London, she also has a taste for chocolate because she found the two boxes containing mini chocolates for my dad. We came home to empty boxes, shredded wrapping paper, and several empty candy wrappers. She was quite proud of herself :) Called the vet panicked, but because of her size he said there was nothing to worry about other than an upset tummy. She is a MESS but I love her.

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