Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Company Party

Just thought I would share some more photos from my company's holiday party last Friday evening at Vigilucci's. My boss took these with her camera and uploaded them today. Not much to see... but here they are! Enjoy!

geez, could I be smiling any harder?
it was only my first glass of wine.
lovie did a great job schmoozing with my boss and her hubby :) 
meanwhile, on the other side of the room...
finally got it together :)
we were creating such a scene, peeps had to come investigate.
I did mention it was a lively game of white elephant...
ah ha! she stole the Justin Beiber toothbrush and lint lizard from me...
but I got it back. 

As I was going through these pictures, I found this one from last year. Look at us! I still have the same 'deer in the headlights' look going on, but Spencer looks much more relaxed. Even if he is wearing the same tie ;)

2011: San Diego babies!
2012: San Diego pros ;)
...and look! we are together--in the same picture! 
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