Friday, December 14, 2012

Cowl of Wonder, Cowl of Bright

The season of giving is upon us, again.
This season is commonly referred to among knitters as the season of knitting. There’s something about the crisp in the air, a hot cup of coffee, and a couple of hours spent with your wool and needles. This is heaven, my friends. It must be.
Unfortunately in order for a knitter to reach this stage of gift-giving nirvana, there are a few other steps in the gift-giving cycle that must appear first. Observe.
Step 1: ‘Everyone in my Family Needs a Hand Knit Gift!(generally decided around the week of Thanksgiving).
Step 2: ‘What the hell was I thinking? There’s no time!’ (immediately following the purchase of the yarn, shortly after Step 1).
Step 3: ‘He/She BETTER like this…’ (a threat generally made around the 11th hour: usually a caffeine-induced, sleep deprived sort of emotional plea).
Step 4: ‘Sorry boss… *cough cough*…I’m sick’ (a call that takes place while feverishly churning your needles into oblivion, unshowered, unkempt, and daring, just daring, someone to touch the last of the coffee).
Step 5: ‘Well, that wasn’t so bad… I’ll do that again next year, but only next time I’ll start sooner!’ …
*Repeat Step 1 around Thanksgiving of the following year*
Of course, this was me this year. As it was last year. And the year before that. The only difference was that this year, I tricked myself.
I began knitting this beautiful silk/mohair/wool cowl for myself. I fell in love with the pattern and just had to make it (despite the other half-finished projects in my bag, longingly waiting for the day when they too will be an object of my affection. {Sorry itchy woolen garter stitch scarf, sorry toy giraffe missing one leg--today ain’t your day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good, either}).
I was happily knitting away on my colorful treasure, when I realized… I have too many neck accessories.

I know, it seems impossible, preposterous, or whatever you want to call it but it’s true. I have two beautifully finished knit pieces in my closet that have never been worn. Both of which I love, equal to this beauty currently on my needles. How will I ever have room in my closet heart for all? That’s when I decided I knew who to give it to.

Not many people in my life are knit-worthy.
NOTE: Knit-worthy is a term used by knitters to determine whether or not you are worthy of the blood/sweat/tears/hours of labor that have gone into this one of a kind, unique gift… OK, maybe no blood and sweat, but I assure you plenty of hours and sometimes tears.
 A non-knit-worthy person often makes the mistake of asking for another pair of hand knit socks with the tag line “oh, and can I have them by Friday?”
An appropriate response to this sort of question could be “sure, try Target” or a simple “NO” would do.

A non-knit-worthy person might also be a person who means well. “Oh, this is too pretty to wear. I will only wear it on special occasions”, only to be stuffed toward the end of the closet and forgotten.
The point here is that knitting and crocheting is a craft… like cross stitch or needlework, painting or sculpting, glass blowing or basket-weaving. It is artistry and should not be cheapened with unattainable deadlines and fear of creasing. By all means, wear the damn thing!
*I must say that I am two Starbuck’s in by this point, my sincerest apologies for the soapbox rant*
Back to topic…
A knit-worthy person is one who will cherish and adore your gift, even if it is the stupidest thing imaginable (sushi toilet roll covers, anyone?) because you made it, you put in the effort and the time and the love by telling this person that you were worthy of my time and skill by which to create.
My mom is an excellent receiver of knitted items. She is very knit-worthy. Sure, any good mom would wear it because her kid made it, but those days have long past. I knew just who this cowl would be for.
The yarn is Noro Silk Garden (a silk/mohair/wool blend—made in Japan) and requires (4) skeins of two different colorways. It is made by slipping stitches in an alternating pattern, while alternating color every fourth row. It can be worn long, or looped around the neck a couple of times for extra warmth. It is colorful and delicious. Hope she enjoys it!

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Saskia said...

Omg adrianne! Seriously?!?! you are so good at this!! you need to open a business..bc you would make a are so talented! I love that creation you just made for your mama! love it!

afairlie said...

Thanks, friend! It's my favorite past time :)

Brittany Renee said...

You know we just love G's hat. I'm so glad it's cold enough for him to wear it now! Hope you're enjoying the holidays, your posts have been so festive! Have a great weekend. :o)

afairlie said...

I loooooved seeing him in it! Precious! Such a sweet model :) Thank you for reading! I've been really into the holidays this year :) Hope you guys are having a wonderful one as well!!

Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

Score!! I love the pictures, and can't wait to have it in my hands, or should I say, around my neck! It is beautiful, and shows your incredible talent! Love you more!

afairlie said...

Hope you love it!! :)

Anonymous said...


My "He/She Better Like This Stage" is also accompanied by a tense, jaw-clenched "why do I do this to myself" smile, trying to remind myself that I freaking love this hobby. I think we should create a therapy group for the holidays in order to remind ourselves only to knit for other crafters. Or parents, because they are forced to love you no matter strange contraption you give them (please see the (one) pencil holder still sitting on my father's desk).

afairlie said...

Hahahahaha totally laughing out loud because it's TRUE. It's a constant reminder "I LIKE this hobby... I LIKE this hobby... it RELIEVES stress, not CAUSES it...". And YES I like your idea of only knitting for other crafters. If I hear one more person ask how long it would take to "whip up another color affection for the holidays" I might stab them. With a blunt ended knitting needle. Or a cable needle. Just saying...

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