Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Happenings

We are partied out. In the absolute best possible way!

...and we didn't even make it to all of the holiday happenings on the agenda this weekend!


On Friday, we attended my company's holiday party at Vigiluccis on Coronado Island. The firm rented one of the private rooms for us to enjoy, as we munched on bruschetta, calamari, and assorted cheeses before the other courses arrived. I chose a pear salad with fresh raspberries and gorgonzola tossed in a lemon vinaigrette dressing, salmon with fresh vegetables and pasta, and (of course!) tiramisu for dessert.  Luckily, my mouth was running for the majority of the evening (thanks to the chianti) because I hardly touched anything after the first course. A blessing in calorie-laden disguise. 

We also enjoyed a rather spirited white elephant gift exchange. I have to admit... this is one area of self-proclaimed expertise. Of course, it's all in the eye of the beholder, but I tend to really luck out in these situations. For instance after numerous steals and reveals, I went home the lucky winner of a Lint Lizard, Justin Beiber singing toothbrush (jealous, much?) and a vintage 1978 Vandor Race Car Tea Pot. I mean really... who in their right mind would give this thing up? It's rad to the -nth degree. I can't say I was disappointed. Even if I did have to steal back that Justin Beiber toothbrush. Twice. 

no really... she does like me.
don't let the pathetic face fool you!
sweet girl had an ear infection earlier this week. she's on the mend,
but all she wanted to do on friday was cuddle and play :)
didn't have time to get my dress altered before the party.
a black sash belt and safety pin did all the work for me.

my handsome date ;)
stupid two-person household and the continual individual pictures.
our white elephant wins! 
this. is. awesome.


My friend Christin is an excellent hostess/baker/entertainer. She has a special knack for making people feel welcome in her home, and always has the best sips and dish. Even if you are just stopping in for a glass of wine and some gossip, she will have a full spread awaiting you. She invited myself and a couple of other girls over on Saturday morning to sip cocktails and decorate sugar cookies, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Friends? Good. Cocktails? Good. Sugar-infused gossip sesh? Really good. 

We spent hours rolling out dough, cutting shapes, mixing up icing and decorating these tiny treats. I had not done this in years, and had the best time! She even sent everyone home with a darling tin for our homemade treats, including a few cookie varieties she whipped up on her own. Told y'all she was good!

so much fun!
yum! pomegranate-champagne spritzers. 
lovely little treats!

having a blast!

cookie decorating can be so comical ;)
I left Christin's a touch early to dash off to a come-and-go in Solana Beach. Fortunately, the commute from my house to Christin's couldn't be any quicker--she lives in the same condo community. Unfortunately, my phone (near dead) was unable to capture the evening's festivities, but once again there was no shortage of calorie-laden eats here either. As it should be! ;)

S U N D A Y 

I was supposed to attend an annual party for a friend in my knitting circle, but I woke up feeling pretty lousy. I hoped the feeling would pass over the course of the morning, but it didn't and I thought it best to do everyone a favor and keep my germs to myself. Instead, I spent most of the morning on the sofa finishing up a Christmas gift for my mom (more on that, later) and catching up on some quality entertainment.

quality... definition by interpretation.

We had a full weekend well-spent. Now it's on to the slow ease into Christmas and enjoying time together.

What did you do this weekend?

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