Friday, December 14, 2012

Itty Bitty Santa Hat

Ya'll, I have the craftiest friends. I mean really... I love it.

My knitting friend / Texas newbie (woo!) Allison over at Pookah Knits has been feverishly crafting up Christmas cheer, and let me tell you she's got it down to an art. From clothespin ornaments to knitted Santa boots and hats, she's filling up her tree and I am grinch green with knittery envy. I adore all of these tiny treasures, especially the Santa Hat. I want to join in the fun, too!

So, I accepted her challenge. If you can call it that.

Tah-dah! A tiny little Santa hat is born. It has already found a home atop a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that I'll be serving at dinner tonight. A cute, fun little way to add one more ounce of holiday cheer to an otherwise unseasonably cold and gloomy Friday.

I'll toast to that. Cheers!

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pookahknits said...

Yay!!! Oh I love that little hat's tuft, que adorable. And as a wine warmer? YES!
Um, I'm kinda (extremely) proud that you called me out as crafty.
Texas says hi (and whispers, come back!).

afairlie said...

Well, you ARE crafty (duh) and I am just jealous that our proximities do not allow us to craft together. Bah humbug!
PS-Love on TX for me :) It's my favorite.

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