Tuesday, December 18, 2012

new shoes, new 'do & other shenanigans

After last weekend's whirlwind of parties and social get-togethers, we welcomed this weekend's "pajama-full / no plans / do whatever we feel like doing, dangit" two days of bliss. And it was glorious.

Friday evening, we made a suuuuper simple dinner at home (pasta with grilled chicken and broccoli), split a bottle of Cabernet, and spent the evening with Mr. Don Draper and the rest of the cast of Mad Men. In my opinion, the best Friday night we've had in a while!

Saturday morning yielded the typical amount of laziness including a walk to Starbucks, some DVR surfing, and of course a little knitting. It was rainy and cold this weekend, so we stayed inside and didn’t do much of anything. The only bit of excitement came on Sunday evening, when we returned home from dinner to find that London had dinner on her own… one of the Christmas ornaments that I’ve had for almost 3 decades.


The Christmas Caper strikes. 
The ornament is a stuffed hobby horse with “Baby’s First Christmas” embroidered on the front. It was given to me for my first Christmas (obviously) from my Godparents. They had a tradition of giving me an ornament every year until I was confirmed. Up until this weekend, I have never lost a single one. The green yarn that was used for the hobby horse’s tail was still dangling from her mouth when we spotted the rest of the evidence. Despite the fact that it was a little off-putting to have her eat it, when she ducked her head in shame all was forgiven… for the time being.  

Sunday, we had lunch at a local taco bar downtown, Lucha Libre. It’s a trek for us in Del Mar, but totally worth it. I got my haircut later that afternoon and as I was getting dressed to go, it became evident that I was in a state of denim emergency whereby my ill-fitting jeans would simply not due for our pending trip to the Lone Star State.

I have concluded that while in theory it seems as though too-big-jeans would be a good sign (possibly indicating weight loss…possibly) that in reality they are uncomfortable and awkward and look like they belong with a tool belt and a hard hat. Not exactly the look I am going for.  

Since it was clear that a trip to the outlet mall was beckoning, we didn’t fight it. After getting my wig split (which may yield even shorter in 2013 if my hairstylist has anything to do with it) and the pilgrimage to the outlet, I walked away with not only a new pair of jeans, but also a gorgeous new pair of Banana Republic cheetah print flats, and a stellar new purse (thanks, honey! xo). I typically don’t purchase a lot of flats {since I am relatively short to begin with and firmly and ardently believe that heels make you appear thinner (it’s true)}, but I actually had the perfect outfit already in place for these little cuties, of which will likely make an appearance on Christmas Eve. Plus… they were 50% off. Need I say more?

i have the inane ability for creepy head shots.
it's a gift. 
london claimed this little gift bag from my salon, too...
i just love the wrapping!
After a quick dinner, we returned home to find the littlest Christmas menace had struck again, claiming another ornament. Of course, it was another irreplaceable—an egg-shaped ornament depicting the nativity that my second grade teacher had given to our whole class. She really knows how to pick ‘em. Why waste time on the numerous freebies near the bottom of the tree? Let’s go one branch higher and strike gold, shall we?

fro yo: it's whats for dinner.
i said quick... not healthy. 
I will say that neither of these ornaments was particularly beautiful, but they did hold some significance. Needless to say, the bottom four branches of the tree are now stripped clean, and the 9’-0” tall tree looks a little top-heavy. And to think… I strategically placed the non-breakable ones at the bottom for fear of a cat-astrophe.

no cat-astrophes here. 
Regardless of the shenanigans, it was a particularly relaxing weekend. Even though I stayed in my pj's for the majority, I managed to stick to Netflix and DVR without ever having to turn on the news. I didn't think I could handle it. My heart aches thinking about what the families of these individuals are going through right now. I can't help but see their stories as I scroll through Facebook, or catch my eye on one as I click to my Internet home page. My heart pulls a little more each time I stop to read. My thoughts are with everyone involved in the tragedy and hopes for the new year to bring healing and peace.

We leave later in the week for T-E-X-A-S; and therefore, this may be one of my last (wordy) posts until then. In any case, wishing each and every one of you readers a wonderful holiday. Enjoy time with your family and friends, and hug them extra tight.

h a p p y   h o l i d a y s!

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TJanuszewski said...

Love the new shoes & the new 'do! I'm going to get my hair done this evening as a matter of fact. Your posts are so refreshing...I love them!

Sorry to hear that London ate a couple ornaments, but maybe she was low in fiber? Haha ok ok that might have been a shameless crack at making a joke about the materials the ornaments were made of. At least you still have wrapped presents. Jake now thinks its his goal in life to unwrap every present I wrap. Its precious.

Have a WONDERFUL time in Texas!! Are you going to be there when we are?? If so, we should meet up at least to say hi!

afairlie said...

Your shameless crack at London’s dietary needs nearly made me spit out my coffee. If that’s the case, all of that styrofoam and fabric ought to have her right as rain! So sweet about the puppy! At least I can say sweet… I am not re-wrapping gifts every other day ;) The only thing London does with the gifts is bring them, one by one, to her bed—but lucky for us, no teeth marks! At least you’re practicing your wrapping skills?

Thank you for the sweet compliments and YES we will be there when you are! We will unfortunately still be 10 hours away though, in Amarillo. Of course! :( Otherwise, I’d love to get together for a drink and some gossip.

Safe travels back to the Lone Star and have a WONDERFUL holiday!!

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