Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a birthday wish for my handsome dish.

So, today is a special day. It’s my sweet boy’s 28th birthday!
(Woooo… old man!) ;)

He and I like to keep it low-key. That’s our style.
We don’t feel the need to be attached at the hip, or disrupt the whole PDA system with a death-grip style hand hold, or takeover your Facebook mini-feed with obnoxious sweet nothings back and forth.
“I love you! … No, I love YOU!... No really, I LOVE YOU!”

All that being said, I will take full license to be that girl today and say
You make me laugh like no one can, force me to get over myself, and always keep my on my toes :)

Hope this year is the best yet, and your day full of love and apple pie.


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