Friday, March 29, 2013

Adventures of a Shameless Tourist: A Day at the Del

Having visitors for the weekend only means one thing: 
you get to shamelessly play tourist.
I'm talking camera around the neck, cheesy gift shop purchases, and lots of photo ops. Yes, please!

We spent the day at the historic Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Island today. The Victorian style beach resort hotel opened for business in 1888 and is still in operation today. The massive structure is situated directly on the beach and is the perfect place to grab a drink, spend a long weekend, or just take a day to explore the grounds as we did. The 125-year old hotel has been the backdrop for numerous films and television shows, ghost sightings, hosted celebrities and royalty, and has been a long-standing part San Diego's history.

After strolling through the hotel and around the immediate grounds, we walked barefoot on the sand (which was powdery fine and cool), gathered seashells, took pictures, and just hung out.
Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

The below pictures are a few that we took on our little island adventure. We're still learning the ins and outs of the new camera, but are having a great time testing it out. I see many more photo-adventures in our future :)


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Saskia said...

love both of y'alls shoes! maybe it's because i have both pairs myself :) you two are too cute :)

afairlie said...

Thanks! I'm loving the Toms. Got them as a Christmas gift--they're like house shoes! Love :)

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