Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[Inspired] by Design: Prepkitchen, Del Mar

Restaurants are some of the most design-inspiring places to visit.

One of boyfriend's new favorite restaurants to visit is Prepkitchen. There are three locations: one in downtown San Diego, La Jolla, and one in Del Mar. The Del Mar location is practically in our backyard (figuratively speaking...but that would be pretty sweet!) so we get to visit often.

The style of all three restaurants are very similar. They have an earthy, slightly contemporary, home-like feeling which makes it a fun place to dine (not to mention the green chile carnitas topped omelet...).
It's like being in your friend's (very well-decorated!) old home with lots of charm! I adore the warm color scheme they used, the pressed tin ceilings (if you look really closely and squint your eyes, you can see it at the dropped ceiling above the bar), the industrial looking wine rack, and the beautiful old, "reclaimed wood-look" floors (which I was a dope and didn't get a good picture of!--I also can't say for certain that they're reclaimed, but they certainly give that appearance).

We went for brunch this past Saturday, and being that we were the first two people in the restaurant (hello, anxious diners!) I snapped a few pictures to share.

oogling over that wine bar!

love, love, love that beautiful ceiling!

adoring the mis-matched banisters, succulents, and built-ins. 

books by color coordination?
count me in!

oh, and the food ain't half bad, either... ;) 

PS--I know what you're thinking... that place is tiny! And well, it sort of is. Most restaurants in San Diego offer a ginormous outdoor patio area and a much smaller inside dining area, because the majority of the time the weather here is nothing short of perfect (wah, wah). It happened to be cold(er) and a little rainy this particular day so we got to enjoy eating inside for a change. :)

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