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{Sew Cute!} A Book Review: Stitch Savvy

As my new found love of sewing increases (yes, I'm about 200 years late to that game!), I find myself spending more and more time on sewing blogs. As a total novice, I scroll through page after colorful page of beautiful projects from wonderfully talented total awe.

I want to sew like that!
I do, I really, really do!

Since I don't have a sewing tutor skilled in the highest patience level known to mankind in my very own home, I've turned to Deborah Moebes to teach me the ropes. Her first book, Stitch by Stitch, literally catapulted me into sewing machine nirvana and I have not wanted to stop ever since.

I may or may not have immediately taken two days off work after my book arrived to play... it could have happened... or not. The jury is still out. 

Anyway, Deborah has recently published her second book, Stitch Savvy, which is chock-full of delicious finds! I was laying in bed one evening, flipping through my blogs, when I came across a tiny little blurb about this book. I immediately flipped over to my app and purchased it...on the questions asked. Then, after an agonizing 5 days it finally arrived. And, just in time I might add because I now have the whole weekend ahead of me. Lucky girl.

As with any new craft book, I had to feverishly rip the book from it's cardboard packing and hurriedly find the nearest available seat in the house. After barking at everyone to "hush!" because "I'm reading something important!", I do a preliminary scan of the entire book. This means flipping page to page rapidly, pausing repeatedly to ponder / stare in amazement / become emotional / mentally design my own creation / become enraged that I have not discovered said craft any sooner, before exasperatedly slamming the book shut (once I've reached the end). Some grandeur statement such as "WELL... I know what I'LL be doing this weekend!" will be made. From there, the book will go untouched. It was too much, too soon. The ideas are swarming. Panic is set in... there's not enough time, enough time I tell you!

I need to make it.    I need to make it all.    And I need to make it all right now

A Diet Coke and a good night's sleep will do the trick. We'll re-visit the book again in the morning.

And we did.

PS--who is "we"? I don't know... I'm crazy. 

I must say, as much as I loved the first book... this one is just... inspiring. In a word, truly inspiring. I mean, just look at some of the lovely pieces of work in this book.
Disclaimer: Please don't be distracted by the photo quality in these images. It has rained here all weekend, and I just couldn't wait until sunnier weather to share this post with you!

starting off right--quilting!
i absolutely cannot wait to learn.
this little patchwork baby blanket looks like the perfect starter project.
three words: quilted. tea. cozy.

ps--i want to be at that darling little brunch setting. 

oh, just everything in this chapter is too cute for words.
look at that precious leather (yes--leather!) purse in the top right picture.

all the way to the fun picnic basket!
makes me want to find some paper plates and cups, a grassy knoll,
some cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine.

look at those pants!
she says it is very difficult to find the perfect fitting pant.

so, she designed her own.

i love her.
this chapter has the most darling children's accessories from a
travel matching game to a sweet little girl's dress to a pea coat for a little man.

tah-dah! the grand finale... a fitted woman's jacket.


could you just die? that color, with those wellies, her hair!
i must make this one.

This handful of projects are just a taste of the beautiful things found in this book. There is even a section on home goods (ottoman covers, duvets, and drapery...oh my!) Every single item is truly a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

After having written this review, despite sounding slightly short of a schizophrenic, it has made me want to crack open the original book, Stitch by Stitch, and give a review on it because I just can't do do justice to Deborah's talent as a master seamstress and a instructor. I didn't know the first thing about sewing, and thanks to her beautifully illustrated step-by-step tutorials, I have the utmost confidence in in it. A truly remarkable feat! Also, as with each of her books, she includes a CD in the back pocket with the patterns to all of the pieces she outlines in the book. Some of the "mini projects" don't need patterns, but the lofty ambitious ones do :)

Do yourself the biggest favor of all and purchase this book. So, you may never get around to sewing that simply stunning, perfectly fitting corduroy coat, but by golly you can rock that patchwork coaster like nobody's business!

*{Sew Cute!} is a new series of blog topics focusing on specific, sewing-related projects. 

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Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

You've come a long way from the pajama pants project in high school FCCLA. :)

afairlie said...

you mean the ones I didn't make and talked a boy into making for me? absolutely! at least now I can do more than knotting the ends of the drawstring :)

Saskia said...

awesome! Let's see some pictures of your completed projects! You are so crafty and so talented! I have 2 (yes 2)...sewing machines in my closet..I was obsessed with wanting to learn and even took a class after work a couple of years ago. I loved it..but then something happened to my sewing machine ... errr...maybe it was user error :)...and it has been stashed away for 2 years...I need to get back into it too! Can't wait to see your product! :)

afairlie said...

Thanks Sas! I seriously can't wait to dive into this book! Pull your sewing machine back out and get going! How was the class? Im such a newb, I think I could benefit from one too.

pookahknits said...

Bahaha! I have to say, I completely understand/adore your crafty insanity. I think I have shot my loved ones quite a few dagger eyes when I've been hassled in the throws of my craft inspiration. This is very serious business.
I do this mostly with cookbooks. I get very wide-eyed and excited, try to make something and then I end up reading the cookbook while I'm eating my food so I can imagine it tastes like what I'm reading instead. tragic.
Here's hoping your sewing experiments are far more successful than my cooking ones. I know they will be!

afairlie said...

LOL! Yes! Cookbooks are another wonderful "collectible"... at least mine are like collectibles. They're pretty and sit on a shelf... that's about it! ;) I'm sure yours get used from time to time!

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