Thursday, January 17, 2013

Southerners Say Thanks

There are any number of charming sayings you may hear a southerner say.

"Bless your heart"
"Hey y'all"
"I was just fixin' to..."
"How's your momma?"


However, there is one thing a true southerner always always says that transcends gender and age for praises big and small... we say thank you.

It is for this very inherent reason why my drawers stay fully stocked at all times with thank you cards... large ones with quotations of gratitude inside, smaller blank cards, monogrammed cards, blank holiday themed cards... you name it, I've probably got it. But that's a whole other story :)

It wasn't until recently that I realized... I'm not in Kansas Texas anymore. 

Since this discovery was made, I have begun a count. I am up to an obscene number of ungrateful individuals... or at the very least, unexpressed grateful individuals. I first noticed it at the workplace. I would drop everything I was doing to assist a client. I would deliver (on time) and with the greatest efficiency. Not a word. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not even a "this sucks". Nothing... until they needed something again. Then the demands requests would start pouring in. "Ok", I thought, "fine. It's my job".

But then I started paying closer attention. My coworkers and bosses started doing the same thing. And the pattern continued.

I started to grow very annoyed.
I started playing them at their own games.

I began listing the number of things I had done that day... the number of things I worked through lunch to complete, the number of things I came in early for, the number of things I stayed late to finish. All of the things I accomplished while they were at home. Or still asleep. Or chatting it up in the breakroom. Or skipping out to coffee on a whim. It was all ignored. Dismissed.

I was getting pretty outraged.

But then I just had to step back and say... bless their hearts. 

You see, they didn't have the fortunate, thank your lucky stars, southern upbringing that I've had. It's always been something I've taken for granted because where I'm from... we say thank you. We hold open doors for the elderly, we have Sunday dinner at home, and dammit when we ask "how are you?" we really want to know.

It has been incredibly difficult at times (much like these) to remember to stay grounded. It would be much easier at times to give in and give attitude. But I can't... I just can't abandon what has been instilled in me since birth.

So until the day I get ballsy enough to tell some of these ridiculous, self-absorbed, crappy a-hole Southern Californians where to stick their very expensive noses, I will put my mantra on repeat...


XOXO from my view atop the soapbox, 
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pookahknits said...

AMEN! I didn't realize how much I adapted to the Southern politeness until I went home for Christmas. Grrrrr. The next time a grown man lets the door slam in my face I think I'm going to kick him....

...and thank you....

afairlie said...

LOL exactly! Things like that make you want to stop and say (outloud) SERIOUSLY?!

TDavenport said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN! People don't say "yes ma'am & no sir" up here. If I didn't say ma'am or sir growing up we were firmly corrected on the spot! Unless you grew up in the south (like us lucky ones) you have NO idea what southern charm is all about. I've been wanting to post about this so I'm glad you did! Hope you have a fabulous weekend my SOUTHERN friend :)

afairlie said...

Haha you are right about that "firm correction"! The worst was the threat of one... Then you knew you were good for it! Have a great weekend yourself!

Saskia said...

I don't even think that it's people not being from Texas!! I think it's people that were just raised without being taught to say thank you...or WRITE a thank you card..or at least even acknowledge the fact that someone did something nice for you (or gave you something) drives me bonkers...I feel like I'm one of the only ones left that still writes thank you cards (and I typically do it so that they get the recognition within 7 days of doing something nice for me or giving me a gift)!! I'm pretty snobby about much so that if I don't get a thank you card..then I immediately decide that person isn't worthy of another gift LOL...ok sometimes I feel bad and I get them a gift the following year again...but again I get dissapointed because they don't write me a card that year either. You know what's the worst...going to a wedding and not getting a thank you card for the bridal shower gift, bachelorette party gift, or wedding gift (yes it has happened to me numerously, and it has happened to me with a family wedding too ARGH)! I probably shouldn't expect a thank you, or a thank you card..but dang-it I want a thank you card!! :) Anyway, thank you for letting me vent..I'm sure there are a tone of spelling/grammatical errors in my post..but I'm running out the door and HAD to share my thoughts...oh more thing...a person i know wrote on fb that people shouldn't have to write thank you cards..that the person giving the gift should just know that the person receiving it is grateful..YA..UM..I don't think so.

afairlie said...

PREACH! Every single thing you said, I am right behind you sister! I am a HUGE fan of the thank you card. If I have taken my time (and money!) to select a gift for you... I want (and expect!) a hand-written thank you. Old fashioned? Maybe. But that's just how it is. And I also understand you 200% on the wedding/bridal shower/bachelorette, etc. I certainly understand that it is a crazy time in your life, but damnit! A card in a TIMELY FASHION is appreciated. LOL...and yes...if I don't get a thank you card, I will typically not be in a huge hurry to get you anything in the future ;) I knew we were friends for a reason! Whew! Blood pressure is up...time for another coffee ;)

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