Sunday, February 24, 2013

another fun weekend.

Do you guys get sick of my posts about "what we did this weekend"?
If so, I'm sorry. The truth of the matter is that we have a lot of great friends and are fortunate to get to spend time with them doing fun things. We're blessed.

The weekend began early for this one. Thursday evening, I was invited to an open house at a renovated furniture showroom with a co-worker. There was wine, cheese, great furniture pieces and a chance to win a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Don't worry, I immediately did whatever cheesy thing I had to in order to get my name in that proverbial hat.

Friday, I was a lucky girl and got to work from home. I had a couple of meetings in north county that morning and stayed at the house to finish up some work. A girl could really get used to this! Being a morning person, I hopped out of bed when the dog went out for her crack-of-dawn potty break (otherwise known as 5:30 AM), toasted a couple of bagels for Spencer and I, and fired up the computer. I worked until it was time to get ready for my meeting. By 9:30 that morning, I had already put in my full day's worth. This is much more appealing to me than working until past my bedtime. I was supposed to have lunch with a friend, but that fell through and I spent the rest of the day fighting my sewing machine (friendly banter).

Sweet London went to the groomer first thing on Saturday morning because we were having people over later in the day and her momma was freaking out about the little grey cloud of stink hovering over her. While she was getting groomed, Spencer and I hit up Trader Joe's, World Market, and got a little fuel at Starbucks that would begin a marathon house cleaning lasting 5 hours.
Was our house really that unkempt? No, of course not. Do I worry unnecessarily about what other people think of me? Abso-freaking-lutely.
Every square inch of the house was scrubbed, bleached,  and tidied for our guests. Being that I'm in the profession I am, I worry incessantly that people are judging my house and/or my personal style. I can't worry too much about the latter...because our house is still in a transition between college vs. adult furniture, and no part of our home reflects our true sense of style. We are still trying to find that blend as a couple. It's getting there.

Aside from now having a spotless house, the other good news about having people over is that you finally get to hang the last of the lingering artwork. Spencer got these album cover poster prints for his birthday. I like the colors in them and the content is at least interesting, but again... we are still trying to find that decorating harmony. We finally conceded to hang them at the entry of the office/media room, which works out well actually because the rest of the room houses his colorful collection of headcovers and a rad sample rug I pieced together... otherwise known as London's other bed.

We laid out a last-minute simple spread of truffle cheese and blueberry chèvre paired with rosemary raisin and whole grain crackers and Mediterranean olives with sweet red peppers. The above photo is PROOF why I need a wedding registry... look at that pathetic attempt at a presentation! Although we do have these beautiful cheese knives, we have no cracker board, cheese board, and I use my olive dish as a soap holder. Sigh. Spencer made us old fashioned(s) before walking to an Italian tapas-style dinner complete with fro yo afterward. 

Yes, we totally project our love of frozen yogurt on our guests. They didn't seem to mind. 

Oh, you noticed I ordered artificially flavored toppings with a little yogurt on the side? 
Why, thank you. 

Side note, with regard to the wedding registry: We were discussing vacations with our friends last night (who happen to be well-seasoned travelers), when I asked them where they planed to go next. They mentioned they were hoping to go back to Germany in September for Oktoberfest. "Oktoberfest in GERMANY in September!? My homeland in my birth month!", I exclaimed. Their eyes lit up "LET'S GO!" they exclaimed. I glanced at Spencer who cooly regarded me with "That's great, babe, but you're going to have to wait another year on your ring". Oh... bummer. I turned to the other girl and said "well shit" with a kind of shrug of the shoulders. Never missing a beat, she exclaimed "Oh, take the vacation, honey! You can always get the ring!". Love that. :)

Today, I'm hitting up the usual Sunday morning knitting, taking the dog for a walk, and guest-editing a thesis for a friend. I love research papers, so I was not at all bummed to have this requested assignment. All the more excuse for my to climb in the cozy chair with a cup of hot tea and my fuzzy blanket.
What's that you say? No, I really am only twenty-seven, but thank you for mistaking me for someone in their mid-70's. 
Spencer is currently golfing and later we'll have a friend of his over to hang out and enjoy the rest of our semi-homeade cheese plate. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Cheers to a great week!

PS-I'm going to work on actually getting PEOPLE into my photos. They're not imaginary... I promise. 

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Rema said...

So. I was ignoring work... I mean, *taking a break from work* and catching up on Instagram, which led me to your blog! A few comments: 1. Your writing is hilarious. I'm glad I work from home or I'd have to find some way to mask my snorty-laughs with coughs or sneezes. 2. I'm super relieved to hear that you two cleaned like maniacs on Saturday. I left your place highly ashamed by my own lack of housekeeping skills! 3. Germany is a no go this year after all for us but I think you two should STILL GO! Then, you can join us when we finally do end up over there and be our knowledgeable guides :) I landed a temp work position that we're hoping will send me in a good career direction down the road. Couldn't turn it down. Will explain details at our next dinner. Ethiopian, maybe?

afairlie said...

Haha! You busted me on the post about you guys! Thank you for reading! I hope you won't be scared off by my completely neurotic tendencies. I started this blog as a means to keep folks back home in the loop, but it has developed to a kind of platform for open discussion. My thoughts aren't always cohesive... but the intentions are there ;) Oh no... we're generally pretty neat, but there would have normally been chew toys all over the house and quite possibly dishes in the sink (gasp!) -- we had time! Bummer about Germany but AWESOME news on the job front! Can't wait to hear more! Ethiopian...we are in! Can't say that I've ever had it and would love to give it a go :) Just let us know when!

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