Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[DIY] Tutorial: Repurposed Valentine Box

It's Valentine's Day... and I can't leave well-enough alone. 

Every year, the fine people at Russell Stover, Whitman's, See's et al., package their chocolates in decorated heart-shaped boxes. The average American will most likely purchase said box of chocolate, tear open the packaging in the parking lot of the grocery store and dig in and gift to his or her recipient. That is the intent... right?

Well sometimes, the real box of chocolates just doesn't make it to Valentine's Day [for a number of reasons... okay, just one reason]... and then what? The answer: improvise. 

We received these boxes of chocolate at work a couple of weeks ago, and as I glanced down at a couple of the empty boxes in the recycling bin... I got an idea. 

I had already purchased some assorted chocolates to gift to family and friends and knew these would be the perfect container for gifting! I hurried home to get crafty. Since I thought this idea could be flexible from Valentine's Day to home organizing, I decided to put together a quick little tutorial on how it's done. I hope you won't think it's too lame! 

First, I gathered all of the supplies: empty heart boxes, decorative contact paper, whatever candies you want to use as filling, and some fun felt heart ornaments.

I then cut small piece of the contact paper, and laid one-half of the heart box face down on the sticky side.

Next, I cut around the edge leaving about 1/4" allowance. 

Once the heart shape was cut out, I gently pressed the edges down all the way around (sort of like pressing down the edges of a pie crust). Because the opposite side of the contact paper is tacky, it will stick to the underside of the box. 

Once you've completed that all the way around, flip your heart over and smooth out any bubbles. 
Tah-dah! You're half-way there! 
Repeat the whole process on the opposite side of the heart. 
You can also use a small piece of scotch tape to enforce the sticking power, especially around the rounded corners!

Of course, the thing is cute as a button on its own, but pattern-on-pattern is oh-so fun and adds a cute touch to the overall finished product! I just slapped a piece of decorated shipping tape [$3 at Target] across the front to polish it off. 

So cute! This idea is easily translatable to any ho-hum household item you want to spruce up. I used this same idea to touch up some cardboard boxes we use as storage in the laundry room. Of course, no one sees it but us, but when I open the bi-fold doors to start the laundry piled far too high for just two people, it makes me smile :)


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Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

Love the idea!! And love that I was a lucky recipient of your craftiness and some chocolates! Thank you!!! :)

afairlie said...

You're welcome of course :)

Anonymous said...

You know, all the stuff goes on sale 50% and more during the next week or so

afairlie said...

Oh yeah! Unfortunately, it's things such as this that keep my drawers stocked full of odds and ends that I'm "saving" for next year... well, that and yarn ;)

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