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{F R I D A Y faves} Eats :: Freezer Finds

OK, so the {F R I D A Y faves} topic is taking a little different turn.
And I'm SUPER excited about it!

I knew when I started this topic that I wanted to share with my you guys some of my favorite finds from the previous week. I am so inspired by fellow bloggers, and am constantly learning about new products through their posts. Since I read a ton of blogs and love sharing what I know, I thought I could blend the two and give you my 'best of' list each week. The only problem? Just as in my life, my thoughts are not always cohesive. Therefore, you might find frosting recipes in the same category as clutches. And iPhones on the same page with Tervis TumblersWhat? That happened? 

As I mentioned last week, I am in need of a sort of theme or organized structure to keep these posts from getting completely out of hand.
After some thought, I think I've got it.

I've developed a few categories in which I'll share with you the latest and greatest / an old favorite / the best of the best for each week. Some of these categories might include:

Blog Love :: weekly favorites from some of the best blogs out there (in my humble opinion!)
Eats :: from freezer finds to slow cooker favorites, I'll share with you the best of!
Entertainment :: thoughts on books / movies / television.
Travel :: tales from places I've been... posts about places I want to go.
Beauty :: skin care, makeup,  hair & nails...products I love and you should too!

I can't promise that they'll all be exciting to you, or even relevant, but I wouldn't steer you wrong. I hope that somewhere in the weekly ramblings, you'll discover something new, something you like and want to try. At the very least, I promise there will be pictures :)
This week's topic is under the Eats category... freezer finds! I know what you're thinking... snooze-fest... but hear me out on this one. I make it my job to find the tastiest, lowest calorie, most efficient meal options on the face of this planet. Back in my Weight Watcher days, I would send almost-weekly emails with the tagline "you have to try this!"... I was a little obsessed.

Why this category? Specifically, it's because I've been working a lot lately. Between meetings, and deadlines, and demanding clients, the last couple of weeks have been hectic and there's not been a lot of time to prepare a balanced lunch in the morning. Sure, I can grab a triple decker club sandwich from the amazing deli downstairs, but then I'm out $12 and feel like I just swallowed a bowling ball. No, thanks.
Reasons such as these are why I always have a handful of calorie-conscious freezer meals stocked for those days that I'm running out of the house. There are several different kinds out there, but these are a few of my favorite grab-and-go lunch treats from the freezer section of the grocery store!

Amy's Burritos
We discovered Amy's brand when we lived in Austin, and have kept our fridge full of these delicious burritos ever since! They're organic, vegetarian, super yummy, very filling--and several of the options are available in vegan and gluten-free. My favorite flavors are bean & rice and southwestern.

Lean Cuisine Spring Rolls
I typically don't love Lean Cuisine... flavor and portion size are something to be desired. But these new spring rolls are a treat! They're not very big, so I suggest you also pack an apple, but they come two servings to a box and aren't bad! The fajita-style chicken and thai-style chicken are the best.

Lean Pockets Pretzel Bread Sandwiches 
So, I wasn't too sure about these. I mean... Lean Pockets aren't bad per-se... but they're not exactly good either, right? Apparently the key is in the container because these new pretzel pockets rock! Straight from the microwave, they smell just like those delectable soft pretzels you get at baseball games. Mmmm.... I've only had the grilled chicken jalapeno cheddar, but am on a mission to find the other two flavors! Try these... you won't be sorry.

Smart Ones Smart Anytime Chicken Quesadilla
These chicken quesadillas from Smart Ones are loaded with cheesy goodness. Don't worry...they taste a lot better than they look, and that's a good thing considering the advertisement includes a digitally reproduced image of a quesadilla...seriously? And like the Lean Cuisine spring rolls, you get two servings per box. Cha-ching!

The downfall to most frozen entrees in general is that few of them are vegetarian-friendly. There are some good ones out there, like Amy's, but they're few and far between and most come with a price. There are several specialty food stores in our area, like Jimbo's...Naturally!, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and even Trader Joe's that sell fabulous freezer meals (for a pretty penny) but this list can be found at most any major retailer nationwide. 

While you're certainly not going to find any of the above on Dr. Oz's best foods list, I do realize we live in a real world. At least for me, it's far more practical to have a few of these on hand as opposed to blowing my diet and my budget right out of the water. I always pair one of these frozen meals with raw veggies & hummus, fruit salad, Greek yogurt, a couple slices of cheese...whatever I happen to have in the fridge that week. Because, let's face it. NO ONE ever said they were full from a Lean Cuisine. NO ONE. 

Do you guys have any go-to lunches (frozen or otherwise) that you love? 

Have a happy Friday, readers!

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Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

I have finally owned up to the fact that you will never steer me wrong when it comes to food choices. I will definitely be on the look-out for these grab-and-go meals, and would highly recommend your other blog followers to do the same! Happy Friday to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea and so excited to read about your loves! Mmmmm, I love those spring rolls too! I think I must try this pretzel pocket now. I just had a Healthy Choice Merlot Beef entree that was actually super delicious. I'm discovering Healthy Choice for the first time and I really like these steamer meals. They lack the sitting in sauce icky feeling so many frozen meals can have!

afairlie said...

Sounds like the voice of experience! I think you've been on the reciprocating end of a few grocery store photo ops ;)

afairlie said...

I've never tried those! I'll have to look for them. I most definitely know what you mean about the sauce jacuzzi most frozen food entrees float in... yuk! Glad to have another option to try!

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