Thursday, February 7, 2013

{F R I D A Y faves} :: The Pilot Episode

Remember that time I said I had a new topical blog theme in the works?

Well... welcome :) This is happening.

. . . . . .

Starting today, and every Friday thus forward* I give you {F R I D A Y faves} :: a new blog topic for each month, (loosely) characterized by the current month's theme. Every Friday, I will share with you a few of my favorite things (current or long-standing, a new product, a celebrity hottie, a new blog discovery, an obsession I can't get enough of, something sparkly that catches my eye on a whim... whatever!). I am so inspired by the amazing bloggers (some of which I am fortunate enough to call friends!) and their ingenuity in creative posts. Their own versions of a "favorites" list are always my the best... you learn so much more about a person and more often than not, come away with a new idea / product / interesting new tidbit that you didn't know before. It's a fun and easy way to share your personal favorites with your blog readers.

In the spirit of our current month of loooooooove and romance and all that good stuff, today I'll share with you a few of the things that I really, genuinely, truly, deeply, passionately, fervently (got adjectives?) ADORE and could not live without / could not [properly] function without.

After that descriptive introduction and to kick off this fun new series, I give you my five {F R I D A Y faves} for this [introductory] week!


So, we're an Apple family.
It's cliche, and as much as I hate admitting it...iProducts rule. I can't tell you how many meetings I would have missed if not for google maps, how many people/bloggers/friends I wouldn't have "met" [thanks, Instagram!] & how many countless [pointless] apps would go un-downloaded.


I know... duh. And it's not even a physical thing... breaking the rules already... But knitting totally rocks. It's the only hobby I have that I could do endlessly without tiring. Like ever.

Tervis Tumblers.

I received my first Tervis Tumbler as a graduation gift years ago, and have never turned back.
The 16 oz. cup is lightweight, customizable and a perfect fit for my unmanicured little hand! Recently, the ever-entertaining Tikaa [of Totally Tikaa] made a blog post with her current crush list, and I nearly shrieked with delight that Tervis had made her list! A woman after my own heart. If you don't know Tervis, you must be on a get-to-know basis... and fast!
PS-I don't have this particular one, but I'm totally crushing for it! How fun is that, I mean really?!


I am a morning person.
I am the type of person that [most] people despise, because my dream day would include getting up around 5 AM, brewing an extra large pot of coffee, happily pulling out my insanely organized spiral planner with my ever-so-efficiently marked to-do list, and sipping away as I dutifully completed each and every task, by order of priority of course. I would then spend the rest of the day knitting, watching DVR'd episodes of Downton Abbey or Celebrity Ghost Stories (random much?) and munching on exotic chocolates.
Because this chubby-little-bluebird-singing-Disney-style fantasy only exists in my head, the reality of the situation is much different.
I am still a morning person.
But I have a job...and a 75 lb. Golden Retriever with a desperate urge to mess around in the morning (when she should be pottying)...and a lunch which must be packed...and a face which must be made (so as not to frighten people!)...and hair that must be dried and teased within an inch of its life...and a balanced breakfast consisting of fruit and Greek yogurt and a handful of peanut M&Ms to be eaten...
So the question beckons, how does one find the energy to make it past this part of her day!? The answer is quite simple: the friendly folks at the neighborhood Starbucks (shoutout Hillcrest!) make it all possible. They greet me with a cheerful "Good morning, Adrienne! What are we having today?", as I turn over my re-usable cup (with my hand knitted coffee cozy, of course), they compliment my hair, or my shoes, or once my "fierce" handbag as they turn out my cuppa joe.
And surely, they're just being polite, because my hair is always the same, I wear the same two pairs of shoes, and my handbag is SO 2011... but they provide me with the caffeine and compliments I need to tackle the day, and damnit what more can you ask for??


Last. but certainly not least, I LOVE TARGET. I never, ever, ever leave that store empty-handed (seriously... I can't recall a time this has been done). I love that at any given time, any day of the week, month of the year, mood of the hour, I can find something at Target that makes my day.
It is my mecca; my happy place.
Like an instinct, my car will pull in at any Target, anywhere, as soon as it sees the infamous red and white bulls eye...and that's OK, because I could spend all day, wandering the aisles, stocking up on things I never even knew I needed (why yes, I do have four different rolls of patterned shipping tape, thank you very much!).
While I'll be the first to admit, this can get you into some serious financial trouble, I stick to the smaller, budget-friendly items [hello, dollar aisle!] for the essentials. And it's never steered me wrong (except for those neon orange after-season Halloween inspired glass votives I bought "because they're only .75 each!"...WTH was I thinking??)

. . . . . .

There you go! The first official five of the {F R I D A Y faves} list. In the future, I promise the content won't be so random... just needed a little something to jump start the process! ;)

Happy Friday to ALL! 

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*the fine print: I reserve the right to discontinue {F R I D A Y faves} at any time due to boredom, lack of subject matter, lack of interest, or just 'cause I don't feel like it at any more, because well... I can ;)

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