Friday, February 15, 2013

{F R I D A Y faves} Blog Love :: My Favorites From This Week

Happy post-Valentine's Day!

Continuing with the {F R I D A Y} faves, I'm featuring five things from the blogosphere this week that I love! My original intent was just to show you five new things from this week that have popped up, but it appears that all of my late hours at work this week have equated to not a lot of real life. Sad. It has meant a lot of late night blog stalking on the iPad though, and my goodness... was there a lot to see this week! I am now realizing maybe I need a theme of some sort each week, to wrangle in all of my thoughts and favorites. I really am like a raccoon with a piece of tin foil... I see something shiny and am easily distracted.
(Did you like that phrase, by the way? Straight out of Brenham, Texas... thank you very much).

This is just a few of my blog favorites from this festive past week.
PS - Is it just me, or do Fridays make anyone else long for pizza, TGIF, and Boy Meets World?

When I saw these darling cookies from i am baker flick across my RSS feed earlier this week, my eyes lit up with wonder. I had a failed attempt at spritz cookies earlier in the week (I don't want to talk about it) and she has totally put my sad little excuse for heart-shaped cookies to shame. She is oh so talented and I long for her steady piping hand! Simply gorgeous!

I adore Dana of Dana Made It, ya'll.
OK... so I don't really know her per-se, but she's a relocated Cali girl living in Austin, Texas. And, since I'm a relocated Austin girl living in Cali... well, I mean. She's a fabulous seamstress who is obsessed with Ritz cracker frosting sandwiches. Although I've never tried them, what the hell could be wrong with that picture? She whipped up this red hot buttercream frosting earlier this week that I am dying to try. I'm a frosting-on-pretzels girl myself (don't knock it 'til you try it) so this whole Ritz cracker thing could work. And that frosting... whoosh. Spoon, please.

How darling is this last-minute Valentine from One Sheepish Girl? It's a little homemade tea envelope. Hers is another blog that I adore (OK, I'm noticing a trend here... so I read a lot of blogs!...and a lot of blogs involving food!)... her knitting and crochet inspiration is so inspiring and I have to give it to any girl who can ace raspberry macaroons on her first try. I plan to adapt her idea for future holidays... adorable.

These precious chevron clutches from P.S. i Adore You nearly made me erupt from heart palpitations at their cuteness! Look at all those delicious colors! I'll take one of each, please.

Last, but certainly not least, the latest pattern 'Gradient' from blogger / graphic designer / knitting pattern maker extraordinaire [Knitterella] (whose blog was the first knitting blog I started following) has got me seriously lusting. This beautiful colorwork cowl has an almost tapestry-like feel in the way the colors change. Stunning. I have never done any serious colorwork before (I'm pretty chicken about such things)... but this pattern could change everything!

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What are you guys planning this weekend? Is it a three-day weekend for you, or are you back to the grind on Monday?

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TDavenport said...

I adore this post! Every time I read your posts I think of different ways to "re-vamp" my own blog. Sure I want to keep everyone (back home) updated on whats going on in our world, but a litte craftiness & creativity is never a bad thing. Hmmm...just might have to be a goal of mine today. Anyhoo - 3 day weekend for this girl! YES! Off to the "big city" for a relaxing 2 night stay & a couples massage, then on Monday I'm hoping to work on Lazy D Boutique stuff and do some much wanted sewing :)

afairlie said...

That's right! Someone has a birthday in the very near future!! ;) Woot woot!
Sounds like you're going to have an amazing weekend--I'm totally jealous of your massage time! And your sewing time! ;)
And thanks! I really like when folks do their own version of a favorites post... for the totally selfish reason that I always find something new! So fun :)

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