Saturday, February 9, 2013

sweets for my sweet + creative pay-it-forward

VALENTINE'S DAY is coming up! 

Regardless of the fact that neither one of us [myself nor boyfriend] ever really do anything exciting, outside of maybe going to dinner somewhere out of the usual realm of possibilities, I still like to make sure there's a little treat for him to know he's special to me and loved. As if he didn't already know ;) 

This year, I kept it simple and DIY'd it! Of course. 

You might remember the familiar mug [below] from this post. Well... being the over-planner that I am, I purchased enough mugs for well over the number of individuals invited to the holiday party (I don't know what I was thinking... was I assuming everyone would bring a friend? Their mother-in-law? Who knows...) Anyway, I had overage of IKEA coffee cups and all of the supplies needed to make more monogrammed mugs so I figured, why not? 

Spencer is NOT the caffeine inhaler drinker that I am, so it's rare that he'll share a cup of coffee with me (and even when he does, it's always decaf... wuss), but still...given that all of the mugs in the cupboard are some sort of girly pattern, purchased from travels, or stamped with the letter A (not in the Scarlet Letter regard)--I figured the least I could do was give him his own cup for those few and far between times we get to have coffee together :) He's also getting a surprise box of Girl Scout Thin Mints (his favorite!) and a cute little box of conversation hearts. I plan to put his little gift on a silver serving tray and leave it on the counter for him to find in the morning, during the 5 AM dog walk... ouch. Incredibly inexpensive, but a sweet, fun little way to show him that I'm thinking about him. 

Also, you might remember my post about the Creative Pay-it-Forward exercise floating around Facebook. Since the first day I got my five people, I started planning, writing down ideas, gathering inspiration for what types of little treats I wanted to send to these folks. The idea is not to spend the most amount of money or to purchase the most elaborate of gifts, but just to send a little something to someone when they least expect it. I adore it. 

My first of the five is a girl I have known for many years. She's a few years older than me, from my hometown, and a total sweetheart. It was her post that I commented on to create my own status. From what I can tell we have very similar interests, and therefore I think she can appreciate this little Valentine-themed care package! 

Monogrammed DIY Coffee Cup with a note to remember to treat / spoil yourself not just today, but everyday!
Dove Chocolates in a mix of dark and milk chocolate. I used a small, clear bag and sealed it with a piece of hot pink polka-dotted shipping tape... so fun! I love packaging supplies :) 

Conversation Hearts... a Valentine's staple.
A darling dye-cut felt heart ornament. I stocked up on these years ago at a clearance sale at Target (where else!?) and have found literally hundreds of uses for them! 

After compiling all the pieces, I was able to fit them all in the mug and finish with a red knot bow. I carefully overwrapped the whole shebang in tissue paper and boxed it up!

Now it's ready to hit the mail on Monday! Sure hope she gets it in time (and don't worry! I am certain she doesn't even know I have a blog... the secret is safe!).

I so love these little surprises and think the idea is just lovely. Stay tuned--I hope to remember to take pictures of the remaining four gifts. I am already starting to work on the second package... and if you're one of my five, you must just succumb to the fact that at least part of your gift is going to be DIY.

D-I-Deal with it ;) Just kidding... but really. 

What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day? Do you have any crafty / creative gift ideas to share? 

Happy Weekend!
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TDavenport said...

I LOVE the Valentine's gift you created. You're so good at doing that! Hope you & Spencer have a great Valentine's day :)

afairlie said...

Thank you! I felt pretty confident that he wouldn't see knowing that he doesn't read my blog. Some supporter, eh? ;) Nonetheless, hope he enjoys the treats! What are you and Wesley doing?

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