Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adventures of a Shameless Tourist: Balboa Park

We had about an hour to kill this weekend, so we decided to hit up Balboa Park for a little sightseeing.   Balboa Park is a municipal park located downtown. On it are several museums (some paid, some free), gardens, theaters, green belts, walking trails, dog parks, and of course the world-famous San Diego Zoo. It's one of the oldest attractions in San Diego, and also one of the most photogenic. The Spanish style architecture makes a gorgeous backdrop for engagement photo shoots, weddings, quincea├▒eras... all of which are generally taking place at Balboa on any given day. 

There are an infinite number of things to do, most of which don't require any money at all. Which is exactly what we did on Saturday. Fresh squeezed lemonade and camera in hand, we wandered around, hitting up some of the free admissions and enjoying the gorgeous weather. 
(Which is sadly short-lived... starting tomorrow, it's back to the rainy, cold mess of late. Wah wah). 

We took a few shots of some lovely little things we saw along the way. As I mentioned before, we frequent Balboa, so I'll try and grab some more pics of the grounds next time we are in the neighborhood. These are sporadic and don't at all do justice to the landscape or mass of this place. All the same, enjoy this little taste :)

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Cece said...

Great shots! Balboa Park is beautiful! We did wedding pictures there. It was a lovely weekend and the rain is coming but we are still lucky.

afairlie said...

You are so right! When it's 65 degrees and sunny in March... we're pretty lucky! ;)

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