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{F R I D A Y faves} Eats :: Dairy-Induced Breakfasts!

As a child of the 90's, I was far too familiar with convenience items such as Pop-Tarts, Nutri-Grain Bars, and [on occasion] the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits from the local gas station. These were the breakfasts my mornings were made of.

As an adult, I couldn't even look in that direction because just thinking about warm, maple brown sugar Pop-Tarts straight from the toaster (my favorite!) would instantaneously cause me to gain 5 pounds, have a mental breakdown, and shovel three additional packages of said Pop-Tarts in my mouth at once.  Much as I enjoy the occasional high-fructose corn syrup filled breakfast, I try to keep them to a minimum.

Today, I worry less about my HFCS intake and more about my dairy intake. I don't worry as in "gee, I should really watch that!"... it's more like "STATE OF EMERGENCY: WE ARE OUT OF YOGURT!". It's sad... but true.

I could eat plain, non-fat Greek yogurt for every single meal. I put it in (and on) everything. My very favorite way to eat it is with this granola recipe and a touch of honey. This might be my last meal (you know... the if-you're-going-to-the-electric-chair-tomorrow type thing... we have strange conversations in our house... my apologies).

Since I put yogurt on, in, between, and wherever I can... these low-fat, quick, and easy breakfast recipes pay homage to my adult-friendly obsession. Enjoy!

Hold the Syrup! Whole Grain Waffles with Fresh Fruit

Now I know I was just bashing on pre-packaged foods, but as a working girl we don't always have time for the four course breakfast. You gotta accept help when you can! 

Start with two (2) Eggo Whole Grain waffles (located in the freezer section of the grocery store), toasted. Dollop your favorite brand of plain, Greek yogurt on top, sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon, and slice up whatever fresh fruit you have on hand. The Greek yogurt is slightly tart, and combined with the light sweetness from the waffle and fruit, the combination is heavenly. You won't even miss the maple syrup... I promise!

Tip: I have recently discovered that I really, really like applesauce on top too, in lieu of yogurt. My favorite fruit combination with that is blueberries. 

Life is a Bowl of Strawberries [with Vanilla Yogurt & Honey]

This week's breakfast has been one of my favorite yet! Since I don't always have granola on hand (and that's probably a good thing... it's a trigger food for me), I had to find a way to spice up my favorite breakfast. Being that it's spring and the strawberries are starting to hit the shelves a little earlier this year and Target happened to have a buy one, get one of Dannon's Light & Fit Vanilla Flavored Yogurt (whaaat?) I concocted this little treat from my Target finds and have been munching on it ever since!

In a small bowl, squeeze a small amount of honey into the bottom of the bowl. Portion out about a cup of yogurt on top. Core and slice 4-5 strawberries and arrange. Drizzle the top with a little more honey and dig in. 

Why the honey on the bottom? Because my favorite part of any meal is the dessert. The last couple of bites give you that little burst of sweetness! 

Cinna-Nanna Smoothie

Please forgive my photo quality. I took this early one morning... before the sun was up... and my fluorescent kitchen lights can do some crazy things! I promise it's not green. 

You might have noticed from my posts of late that I like smoothies. A lot.

I like to play around with different recipes, based on what I have available. My motto is... if you have at least one fruit, vegetable (or both), a juice or dairy base, and a "seasoning" (be it peanut butter, vanilla, cinnamon, etc.) you've got a smoothie. Simple as that.

For this one, I combined a couple of scoops of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt, a splash of milk, two whole bananas (on the verge of rottondom!), a dash of cinnamon, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and two ice cubes in a blender on high speed, until smooth.
Another tip: People, always make your food pretty.
YOU DESERVE IT! A dash of cinnamon on top, pretty layers, or expertly placed arrangements can make all the difference. We first "taste" with our eyes, and you would certainly do it if you were serving someone else... why not do it for yourself? It takes an extra two seconds of effort to dine with a plate of food worthy enough for your guests. Your tummy will thank you :)

Last but certainly not least... to wash down all of your dairy-induced breakfast cravings from now on, if you haven't already tried this stuff... YOU NEED TO. It's pre-made iced coffee from International Delight--in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.
I'm literally obsessed with it. It's borderline not going to work in my house because I can drink nearly the entire carton in one sitting. It is sooooo good. Add it to your shopping list! ;)

Happy weekend!

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Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

I prefer to call the breakfasts you experienced as a child, "mobile breakfast". I was served breakfast from a real plate at the kitchen table every day. Bacon & eggs, or pancakes, or oatmeal (not the Minute Brand either) was always on the menu. There was the occasional pop tart, but even it was served warmed (not from a toaster but from a heated oven) and on a plate. Maybe I was rebelling by never, ever feeding you a "real" breakfast, or maybe it was because the mobile breakfast was all we had time for since "someone" preferred to sleep in. Not sure. Just saying. :)

afairlie said...

Well, pin a rose on your nose! See, you didn't even know how good you had it! ;)

Surely, in our house, it was never the latter reasoning ;)

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