Friday, March 8, 2013

{F R I D A Y faves} it's the small things.

This edition of {F R I D A Y faves} focuses on the small things.

Those really mean the most anyway, right?

Truth be told, this week has been another one for the records. It started out really great, and has ended not so swell. On the plus side, there are some exciting new things happening at work, next week I have a three-day vacation (woo!), and we've received word that we'll have several visitors this coming summer! Super exciting, on all fronts. On the office side of things, it's just the obnoxious deadlines, meetings, and general work that have got in the way of all the fun.

I hate when that happens.

I decided that while things were picking up at the office, I should slow it down at home and focus on relaxing in the evenings. My personality is such that I can't stop working. I come home at night (generally around 7 PM) and have to do something or I just feel like a worthless human being.
Inevitably, I end up going to bed exhausted and wake up dreading the next day before it even has a chance to start! This is no way to live.

This week, I took the opportunity to read more, catch up on some television shows (without knitting or simultaneously completing some assigned task), cook a [real!] dinner for myself, and take it easy. The difference it has made is astonishing. I no longer feel like my nights fly by and when I go to bed, I actually sleep well and wake up feeling generally better about the day ahead. A girl could get used to this ;)

This week, I celebrated the small things that made a huge impact on my week. These are just a few of the little blessings that made me smile :)

i piled cozy blankets next to my chair.

i despise clutter. 
i'm always cold.
the basket of blankets was on the other side of the room,
tucked away inconspicuously behind the sofa.
[never seen, never used]

these are three separate [but related] problems.
the solution: i moved said basket of blankets to the opposite side of the sofa,
within my reach, and conveniently hiding the power cord to the lamp,
my other arch-nemesis.

now when i'm sitting in the living room and get cold,
i can reach down and grab a blanket rather than shiver in silence.

a novel idea!
ps-why has it taken me this long to get comfortable in my own home?!

i painted my nails.

i don't paint my nails. like ever.
in high school, i was the girl who got a manicure every two weeks.
post-high school: what's a manicure?

i enjoyed pampering myself and taking the time
to paint my nails a pretty color to enjoy for the rest of the week... or at least the next 12 hours.

ps-i have the chubbiest little sausage fingers. they stopped being cute at age 5. 
don't feel bad about laughing.  

i admired my fabulous rose bush.

remember what this guy looked like a couple of weeks ago?
what a massive change.

this thing grows every day.

i get excited every time i go outside to water!'s the small things, people...

i ordered a treat just for me. 

there was also that time that i obsessed over this tervis tumbler.
i'm still obsessing.
so i ordered it for myself.

look, i'm not blind.
clearly, i understand that the cheetah print tumbler with hot pink sippie cup lid
looks as though it should be accompanied with the latest
justin beiber cd and a 9 o'clock curfew, but i don't care!

i like it.
i also like justin beiber, but that's for another day.

i read for fun.

i adore reading, but rarely take the opportunity to do so.
this week, i got some D.E.A.R. [remember that?] time in.

i've always been a hardback kind of girl... until i got my ipad.
reading is much more pleasurable when you concern for "good reading light"
is eliminated... and purchasing books is one click away.

i'm trying to finish one particular 'crap' book so i can make my way
onto something with a little more substance.

betcha can't guess which book i'm referencing? ;)

As a side note to that last one, is anyone else on Goodreads? I've only just discovered it, thanks to Allison over at Pookah Knits. In a nutshell: it's a virtual library where you can store [on a virtual bookshelf] books you've read, write / read other book reviews, tag books you want to read in the future, and see what your friends are reading. It's a lot of fun--sort of like a social media network for book nerds. The main advantage I have found is the fabulous organizational tactics for books you want to read in the future. For instance, I lose track of book titles as soon as you finish answering my question "oh, what's the name of that book?" -- I never write it down, and I surely never remember after the fact. Then I am kicking myself for days wondering WTH it could have been, and searching endlessly on Now with Goodreads, I can log-into the app on my phone and add it to my virtual bookshelf on the spot, so when I finally get around to starting a new book, there are tons of interesting options at my fingertips! Love that.

PS-If you do get your free Goodreads account, add me!

That's it for me, folks. Hope you guys have a WONDERFUL weekend--wherever you are!

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TDavenport said...

I love celebrating the small things. And, I love the color you painted your nails! What color is it??

Hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Holla! Yay for book geeks!

afairlie said...

It's all about the small things! Thanks! I like it a lot too--goes on smooth, dries fast (the biggest factor for me!) and lasts a long time :)

The color is:
Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 230 - Plum Power

I think I got it at Target :)

afairlie said...

Yes! I am so glad you turned me on to Goodreads! I haven't had an opportunity to dig deep into it yet, but I am loving it so far :)

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