Sunday, March 17, 2013

{Recipe} Green Smoothie [the AB way]

My love affair with the green smoothie began about 2 years ago, shortly after having moved to California. I was scrolling through Pinterest one night, when I came across a pin for a green smoothie.

Hm. Weird.

It evidently peaked my interest enough that I clicked over to the link to investigate further. The pinner promised that you wouldn't even be able to taste the 'green' part in it. I was skeptical.

I read the story of the original green monster smoothie and decided to give it a whirl.
I mean... look at her skin! She is GLOWING. I would kill for those pores.

I made some early attempts with spinach as the base. Remember that?
Didn't look very appetizing... didn't taste bad, though!

However, since then I've joined the kale movement and discovered my full adoration for it.
I loooooooove it. I like it raw, in smoothies, cooked down with garlic and lemon. Yum!

So naturally, spinach got the boot.

I like to drink these for breakfast. They keep me full all morning long, which is super since sitting at a desk all day makes me yearn for a snack. I've taken them along for lunch, too, when I've had the opportunity to make them in advance.

There's really no rhyme or reason for the ingredients, and I generally end up just tossing in whatever I have in the fridge. However, this is probably my favorite variation of this drink.


Green Smoothie [the AB way]

  • 1 C. kale, chopped, with stems removed 
    • [you can leave the stems--they're edible!--I just don't like them]
  • 1 Apple or pear, cored and chopped with skin removed
  • 1 Whole cucumber, skin removed
  • 1/2 C. Greek yogurt
  • 1 Banana
  • Splash of almond milk [or regular milk--whatever you keep in your casa]
  • 2-3 Ice cubes 
    • [this part is crucial--it helps make the smoothie thick]

Combine all in blender and pulse until smooth.


That's all there is to it!

You really must take my word on it. It's super tasty. I have been drinking tons of these lately, as my can't eat anything I really want to post-op go to meal of choice. They have all the nutrients of a giant, power-packed salad in a portable little container. Got to love that.

Play with your own variations and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I have to try this. I've a Magic Bullet that is itching to be used!

afairlie said...

I am sooooooo jealous that you have a Magic Bullet! I have the knock-off version, for which I am very sorry. It's just not the same!

TDavenport said...

Hope you're recovering nicely from your surgery!

afairlie said...

I am--thank you! The ice cream and mashed potatoes are helping ;)

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