Sunday, March 31, 2013

spring has sprung!

Happy Easter, everyone!

We've had a gorgeous weekend here in the big SD. We've also been as lazy as possible, which has been WONDERFUL!

Friday afternoon, I got my stitches out and took the dog for a long walk. All of the pretty wildflowers were blooming and it was simply lovely :)

in the future... i won't choose to break in my new shoes on a long walk ;) 
rose bush getting ready to bloom!
i. can't. wait.
Friday evening, we tried out a new place. A Whole Foods just opened up near us, and when we read that there was a bar inside {random?} with a mid-century modern feel that served 30+ craft brews on tap... we were in. Our meals were surprisingly delicious! I went in wanting a burger, but as soon as I saw their selection of sushi, that notion went out the window. Where else can you get a Belgian White Rascal with a pink dragon and sesame kale roll!? OK, probably anywhere in San Diego, but still... I was pretty jazzed. Spencer got the burger with garlic fries with a cappuccino stout... another delectable option.

aside from the fact that it was in a grocery store... the restaurant wasn't bad!
we'll be back. 

spencer's meal: bacon swiss burger with garlic fries and a cappuccino stout.

my meal: pink dragon roll with jalepenos and eel sauce with a brown rice sesame kale role and a white rascal.
Saturday, Spencer made us a super yummy all-American breakfast with our Whole Food finds from the evening before. Eggs, bacon, biscuits with locally produced jam (strawberry rhubarb... yum!) and of course... mimosas. We lazed around most of the day, watched a couple of movies, took the dog to the groomer, and just hung out. Perfection!

This morning, we got up and showed our "kids" their Easter baskets.
You can laugh. It's OK. I am completely aware at how ridiculous that sounds. But they were so excited!

a spencer basket.

treats for chloe, treats for london & a puppy with a pig.
After the exciting finds, I made an extra-special brunch for the two of us. We didn't feel like going out anywhere, and I was desperate to try my new Babycakes Mini Pie Maker (looooooove those kitchen gadgets!), so naturally, we improvised. Spencer said he felt like he was "eating breakfast in a fancy hotel". Teehee... I will take that as a compliment. I didn't bother to ask what he meant by that.

easter brunch!
mini quiche with bacon, cheddar, and broccoli... strawberry and vanilla parfaits... and homemade blueberry muffins.
post-brunch coziness on the patio.
spencer's foot made a cameo in the upper right-hand corner. classy.
This evening, we are going out for Russian food at a local place with some friends. I am beyond pumped about it because they serve STROGANOFF. Stop it. I'm so damn excited.

Happiest spring to you all!

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TDavenport said...

Happy Easter friend! Sounds like y'all had a nice Easter weekend. And cute shoes by the way :)

afairlie said...

Thank you! They were my DSW clearance aisle find... win! I just read your post--how is your toe!?

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