Monday, April 15, 2013

awkward & awesome

I was first acquainted with the whole Awkward & Awesome phenomenon a couple of years ago through my old pals over at Your Modern Couple -- one of my favorite blogs for all things design and DIY! The creators [Catharine & Derek] put a halt on their usual Awkward & Awesome Thursday posts for a while they were moving, changing jobs, in grad school, oh and planning a wedding. Although I've completely understood the precedence that other posts took in the meantime, I secretly missed the A&A posts and almost shrieked with glee a little bit this past week when I saw that (at least for the time being) they've returned!

Laughing through her last post, I realized that my own life has been it's own episode of Awkward & Awesome story clips lately. Below are just a few of the short tales as to why, for some ungodly reason, I am still allowed to take part in the rest of civilization. 

  • When I take the dog for walks and she decides she doesn't want to go where I do, so she lays down and plays dead. Then trying to fake her out by saying "let's go!" and take off running while she's still leashed and lain. Finally, attempting to pick her up [in all of her 75 lb. glory] while she scrambles and punches the air, Rocky style. This is all fine and good for me, but what does it look like to strangers passing by? Oh look, Mom. That crazy lady is trying to steal that dog. Please see air punching video below, because yes... it happens that frequently. 

    doin' her thing. 

  • Explaining to my boss that I really can't be there on the Saturday that our firm is scheduled to relocate, because there's a warehouse yarn sale in north county that morning that I can't miss. Trying to exacerbate my point by proclaiming "I mean, there's going to be some really high quality stuff here! All weights and fibers--fingering to DK to worsted, maybe even some BFL, I don't know!!" Her expression = not amused. 

  • Running into a fellow neighbor and dog-owner from our community at dinner last night. When she basically re-introduced herself and gave me her name [which I really didn't know] I quickly exclaimed "Oh I know!" to which she replied "Oh, well most people don't. I am typically guilty of just knowing the dog's names". I am too... yet I couldn't leave well enough alone and just had to word vomit, "I know... you're Puggles mom!". There was silence for a good five seconds before she said "It's Pebbles". What's worse? I couldn't just laugh it off. I got so embarrassed that I just spat out "Right, er, Pebbles. Get the chicken soup! It's really good... ok, well bye!" before scurrying off in the night, only to be seated at the next table over from her. Human fail. 

  • Getting fro yo after dinner the other night and as I was a liiiiiittle too excitedly squeezing the peanut butter topping from it's container onto my coffee flavored fro yo (who wouldn't be excited about that?!) when the lid popped off and peanut butter went oozing down container, all over my hands, and on to the floor. It wasn't awkward for me, or the entire little league team watching me, but it was apparently mortifying to Spencer when I tapped the 19 year old dude bro's shoulder working the register and stated "excuse me, but I made a boo boo". He didn't seem to mind that I'd just made a sticky spectacle, but the fact that I used the phrase "boo boo" was a "no no". 

  • Adam Scott won the Masters! This normally doesn't mean much to me, except for the extra coverage of those perfectly fitting white pants he [and I] are so fond of, but he's a Titleist boy and I am all for supporting such a great brand! Cheers, you handsome Aussie, you!
  • Getting not one, but two creative pay-it-forward gifts in the mail this week from my awesome pals! I LOVE THIS GAME. [Check my Instagram for my sweet loot! My phone has rudely discarded of most of my recent pics].
  • Alllllll of the friends that are having babies right now! Seriously, at least a dozen buns in the oven. I get to take full advantage and use this as an excuse to get crafty, and it's OK because most of the folks are mutual friends. This means I can hoard all of the sock monkey fabric and skeins of "rubber ducky yellow" yarn I want to right now... what?

a hand made baby blanket in the mail! 
3-burp cloth and paci holder set for our sweet friends

  • Tonight is MAD MEN night and that means two things... getting to dive deeper into the musings of Don Draper's life and [and!] old fashioneds. Boyfriend makes a pretty mean one, and I have really come to like 'em.
  • I just found out that I will be making a fortuitous, little day trip to LA in a couple of months to see my bestie who is randomly accompanying another friend visiting family! Bring it!
  • My momma is coming to San Diego next week for an impromptu girls trip! I'm ridiculously excited and may or may not have made an itemized itinerary that I painstakingly worked on for days. May, or may not.
  • Just all of the sheer gorgeousness that is spring right now. I mean look at these flowers we've happened upon in the last week... ridiculous! Those last ones look like something that belong in Alice in Wonderland! Also, all of the pink flowers totally makes my little inner preppy girl's heart go pitter-pat.

Here's to a speedy work week, dear reader friends!


Your Modern Couple said...

OMG I'm dying. Here are my comments (in order) :

- I almost spit out my all natural Simply Lemonade (not from concentrate) when I pictured you trying to steal your own dog who is trying to punch you off. Amazing.

- I have had to explain similar things to similar people as to why my plans are way more important (to no one but me). But I think yarn warehouse takes the cake!

- Your crafting skills amazing me (and that handwriting!!) I should have hired you to address my wedding invitations!

Also please keep doing these and I'll keep doing mine :) Favorite!

xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

For those of your friends who haven't known you as long as I have, let me just say that these things do not happen sporadically to you ... but instead are rather common occurrences. They mostly fall in the AWESOME category, but as Spencer will confirm, the AWKWARD moments are the ones that will wake you up in the middle of the night from re-living the ordeal in a dream. Tell those baby furrballs at your house that they only have to sleep 10 more nights before I come to give them lots and lots of pets on the head!!

Saskia said...

Haha! I love this post :) I actually started reading the Your Modern Couple blog and I love it--the writer is the one we saw at the modern homes tour right?! Dazzle likes to roll around like that..errr...except in the backyard to get dirty so that the squirrels don't smell her coming when she's out to attack. I can TOTALLY see you getting that ooey gooey yumminess all over the place and Spencer staring at your mortified :) Oh andddd I watched the last 15 minutes of the Masters and was like ohhhh he's hot :) My parents were there last week (at the Masters) and said it was beautiful! I told Matt and I want to get put on the list! I'm sure Spencer would LOVE to go!! Have a fantastic time with your mom!! Looks like you are getting really really good at sewing! What aren't you good at :) Miss you! Come visit San Antonio :) You's better than Austin (..ugh I have to keep telling myself that..but really, it isn't anywhere close)..Have a great week!

afairlie said...

LOL! I mean did you see her?! She is clearly revved up about something… she ended with a left hook and everything. Must have learned those moves from the fellow shelter dogs? #fromthestreets

Cratch, if you only knew! I mean… this is the most excited I’ve been about almost anything…ever.

You are too sweet!! Thank you!

And it’s a deal! Please keep yours coming and I’ll do the same on my end!!

afairlie said...

I am reminded of a dump truck... And the fur babies are SO excited to see you, too! :)

afairlie said...

Yes, that’s them! Love their blog… funny and fun! They’re chair nerds, too!

OMG Dazzle! I bet that drives you INSANE when she does that!

And yes… pretty sure he pretended like he didn’t know me. Not kidding.

OMG how fun for them!!! Augusta is beautiful!!! So is Adam Scott ;) Spencer has never been, but it’s on our bucket list, too! Couples trip? ;)

Thanks, I am looking forward to my mom visiting and I love sewing… but it takes too long! Haha! I have to measure everything at least 100x before I cut, then I have to iron it a billion times, blah, blah blah… you know how it goes ;)

Actually, I am trying to get to Texas sometime in June! As soon as I book my flight, I’ll let you know!! I would love that!!

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