Friday, April 12, 2013

resolution realized

warning: an overage of selfies to follow. 

Ever since I put my new year's resolutions [or goals] out for all of the blogosphere to see, I've been trying extra hard to adhere to them. One of the hardest for me has been to dress more professionally.

I know... seems stupidly easy, right? That's not necessarily the case for me. Even though I have a closet full of clothes (though for about 10 minutes each morning, I exasperatedly proclaim otherwise), I have never, ever taken the extra 60 seconds to throw on a scarf, or find a few bangles, or a wide belt to accessorize and complete the look.

Nope. Instead, I was always pants... blouse... shoes... earrings... and out the door--most of the time, without even doing a once-over the whole ensemble.

However, that changed when I began to look around at how the other women in my firm were put together. They always had the perfect outfits from head to toe, and I started thinking there was no reason why I couldn't do the same thing.

It's still a struggle for me to find the energy to put a look together in the morning, when all I really want to do is crawl back in bed, but I'm working on it. For that reason alone, I made it a goal to actively think about my daily outfits in hopes of sticking with it. So far, it's worked.

Please realize that these pictures were never intended for public viewing! In fact, most of them were snapped hurriedly before running out the door, for my own benefit, to remember what I'd done. Because clearly, I am incapable of re-creating the same look on my own. The photo quality is horrible, I look like the biggest doofus on the planet (I can't resist awkward smiles and I never know what to do with my hands), and for these things--among others!--you have free reign to make fun of me. I know I have already :)

workin 9 to 5

Our firm is business professional four out of five days of the week, which equates to a lot of accessorizing, clothes piling, hanger throwing messes :) This "dress for success" thing is no joke!

left: grey slacks, layered shell and paisley top, red lips, and red crystal chandelier earrings.
middle: grey slacks, missoni-inspired tank, cropped black cardi with wide belt, and black shell/sterling earrings.
right: black slacks, mustard cowl neck top, and crocheted mini jacket. 

casual friday

We are lucky enough to have casual Friday at the office, and I always take full advantage. However, I try not to let that stop me from completely going overboard and showing up in yoga pants and an oversized hoodie (though honestly... no matter how much I try... that will always be my first choice).

left: jeans, mexico-inspired embroidered top, denim jacket, arm candy [bangles], cowboy boots.
middle: jeans, butterfly-style lace top, teal blazer, red lips, nude pumps.
right: jeans, black v-neck sweater, southwestern style pashmina, cowboy boots [again ;)]

Alright, alright... that's six pictures too many of me and my awkwardness :) Just wanted to give some proof that I am a work in progress and that I am trying... much as I'd like to throw in the towel most some mornings.

I also contend it would be a lot easier if only I had Cher's closet...


Ugh. As if. 

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