Monday, May 13, 2013

a lazy weekend.

This has been the most perfect weekend.


Because I didn't do anything I didn't want to do! 

How many of you can relate? It's such a rare, rare occasion when any of us gets to truly do that. Those once-in-a-while-only-in-a-blue-moon type situations are so welcomed. 

Friday morning, I slipped on some colorful friendship bracelets, turned on the Best of Mariah Carey, and flew through my four hours at the office. This is rare in and of itself because all of my project managers are typically in the office on Fridays which equates to me working "late" on most days. This Friday was different though, as I was one of the only ones left in the office when the clock struck noon. I pulled down my shades, clocked out, and haven't thought about work since. 

rocking my awesome new madewell bracelets.
going to try and re-create a couple of this. summer project!
When I got home that afternoon, I took my sweet girl for a walk and watched 3 hours worth of Paranormal Activity. It was heaven. [No, the irony is not lost on me in that last sentence]. Spencer got home around 6:00 that evening, and since I was still dolled up in my jeans, button-up and super sweet friendship bracelets (mildly obsessed with them), we hit up an impromptu date night at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants. 

precious girl cannot make it an entire walk without resting.
lovely little somethings just blooming away.
Saturday morning can best be described as my dream day. I realize as I'm typing this to most of you, this is going to sound like a hideous way to spend your weekend. For that, I can make no apologies. I've never been accused of being normal and won't start now :) Spencer got up at the ass crack of dawn early on Saturday morning for a few rounds of golf. I just kept right on sleeping until about 8AM when I lazily rolled myself out of bed, made a halfway attempt with my hair, and threw on some Nike shorts and a free t-shirt.* I then brewed an extra-large pot of my favorite coffee, poured a little into my favorite coffee cup and settled in for the next 4 hours to watch my favorite show [and knit!]. While I don't condone this slothful behavior on a regular basis, I will say that those few stolen hours of "me time" were worth more than gold! Geez, how pathetic simple is my life? I'm OK with it :) When Spencer got home from golfing, we hung out a bit before ordering one of the most ginormous pizzas I've ever seen in my life. We enjoyed our monster pizza on the patio, met the new neighbors, and settled in for a movie.  Bonus: I never had to change out of my lazy bones outfit all day long. Success?

oh you know, just an XL pizza and beers.
This morning (Sunday) I joined my usual group of knitters for coffee and knitting. Spencer and I went to run a few errands before picking the dog up at the groomer, where he'd left her earlier that morning while I was at knitting. I found some new neon kicks at He then went to hit some balls while I got crafty (more on that later!) and sipped on a new find: Stumptown iced coffee. Holy moly... it's amazing. We're on our way out now for a little outlet mall shopping to wrap up this extremely lazy, extremely wonderful weekend!
i won't need to wear a safety vest with these bad boys.
they'll see me coming.
my sweet girl!
her groomer loves putting her in bows. adorable.
new iced coffee find. delicious.
Cheers to a fast Monday!

*If you've stuck with me long enough to check out my about me page, you'll know that this is my preferential outfit of choice. A pair of Nike shorts, a t-shirt, and J Crew flip-flops are truly all I need in my wardrobe to be totally happy. If it weren't for work and that whole "look like a member of society" thing, I would live in this outfit. Like, for reals. 


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