Monday, May 20, 2013

a little of this, a little of that.

Some favorites from this weekend :)
took this fatty furball out for a looooong walk on friday afternoon.
i always love my one-on-one time with her.
she's my homegirl. i'm not ashamed. 
after some time with the puppy, i got all dolled up and this handsome guy took me out for a date night!
hey hottie :) 
love to get dressed up!
what a perfect night.
the signature cocktail at happy hour AND the movie was some version of a margarita.
i finally tried my hand at mod podge.
oh. my. gosh.
i now know why everyone loves it.
it's addicting...
i could not stop crafting.
also on the to do list was this braided leather bracelet. 
my first acai bowl as a californian.
i ate the whole thing. don't worry about it.
whaaat? you thought the bracelet crafting was over? psh.
this one was a gift :)
sunday afternoon i treated myself to a relaxing, long-overdue pedicure.
again, i'm aware of the white legs.
rome wasn't built in a day, people.
i played around with some mix-and-match prints.
still getting used to the idea, but kind of digging it so far. 
again with the bangles!
ahhhh, i think i have discovered my accessory weakness.
second only to scarves. 

Those are my happies from the weekend!

How was yours?


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