Thursday, May 16, 2013

awkward & awesome :: green envy

[top] banana republic  ◊  [shorts] express  ◊  [sandals] target 
[wooden bangle] gifted  ◊  [monogrammed bracelet] gifted  ◊  [bow cuff] DIY'd   ◊  [earrings] banana republic

How adorable is that photo-bombing Golden Retriever? Let's all just agree. #proudparent

OK you probably noticed this outfit looks semi-familiar, no? As does the cuff? That's right -- this is the casual version of the outfit I wore when I debuted my DIY leather bow cuff.
Like it? I'm happy to make one for you for $5! Just shoot me a message and I can show you a range of color options available. I literally probably have every color under the sun already purchased.

Wow... that selfish plug came out of nowhere! My apologies :)

  • How unfathomably white my legs are. Seriously, it’s May in Southern California. #getatan
  • Making the walk of shame back to the condo to get more “doggy doody bags” (SERIOUS marketing going on there, folks) after my dog relieved herself in the community center near our house, and I was left stranded… with no “doody bags”. Don’t worry. It’s not like there were any little league games going on, or a tennis tournament, or 4 basketball courts full of kids to see me duck out of clean-up doody. Just kidding! ALL of those things were happening! Needless to say, I’ll never leave home again unprepared. I was mortified, but London was totally cool with it. 
  • That time I told my boss the brown slab of terrazzo she had on her desk looked like a brownie. It was early, and my coffee hadn't kicked in yet.
  • Getting to work on Monday morning after dressing extra special knowing you have a new client meeting later that afternoon, only to find that the air conditioner in the office is broken on the one day the temperatures are skyrocketing to the upper 90’s. Silk blouse for the WIN.
  • On that same token, this was the same evening I’d scheduled to take the above outfit pics. It’s super hard to be cute when you feel like you’ve been in a sauna all day. And that hair! Better luck next time.
  • The plumbing fixtures rep who spent the entire lunch-n-learn giving a weeeeeee bit too much detail about the workings of pipes and how water carries "things" through the pipes. Beet salad, anyone? I thought it would make an encore performance if he didn't shut his p-trap soon. 

  • Tomorrow. Is. Friday. YESSSS!!!!!!!
  • Finally getting caught up with Downton Abbey, Season 3 (yay!!) and fully and compassionately grieving with the rest of America for the fictional character that was killed off. Seriously, OMMMGGG.

  • This lemon-asparagus risotto recipe that you make in the MICROWAVE! This changes weeknight dining, people! I'm a big fan of Cooking Light magazine. The foodie pictures are always oh-so-pretty and I love the tips & tricks articles, but as gorgeous as the images are I have never made a single recipe! I decided to change that when I saw a whole section of microwaveable meals to make at home. Uh, hello! Right up my alley! I roasted the asparagus instead of boiled it to bring out the flavor a little more, but otherwise I followed the recipe exactly and holy cow. It was amazing!

  • The Surprise Sale from Kate Spade earlier this week. Let’s just say I’m glad I’d mentally prepared myself with a “budget” before looking, because the handbags section was to diiiiiieee for. Massive cuteness at massive reductions. I settled for a pair of gold and pink bow earrings which I adore! Because a girl can never have too many bows. Even at age twenty-seven. 


  • Boyfriend has concocted a date night for the books tomorrow night! I’m sure I can share more later, but we’re having an old school dinner and a movie date complete with pre-movie cocktails, dinner at the theatre, and dessert somewhere after. I’m beyond the moon excited as we’re seeing The Great Gatsby, which happens to be one of our favorite novels. So much so that had we adopted London’s brother, we’d already planned to name him “Gatsby”. We even toyed with the idea of naming her (London) “Zelda”, but it didn’t seem to fit her. Plus, I know it’s a completely different entity altogether, but whenever I hear Zelda, I can’t help but think of “Xena”… you know, as in Xena: Warrior Princess. Who else remembers that show, for better or worse?

That about does it for me! 

What are you lovelies up to this weekend? 


Catharine Klepac said...

1. Terrazzo brownies!? I mean.. was it polished? At least you didn't bite it ;)

2. I will definitely be trying that recipe ASAP. I've been swooning over it ever since it popped up on my IG feed :)

3. I had to control every urge in my body during the Kate Spade sale because May is a busy month this year and I had already spent all of my play money on gifts for other people (boo!!!) I wanted that camel tote though for sure.

4. You are going to love The Great Gatsby! I saw it on my birthday and it was so amazing. It has an incredible soundtrack too which is probably my next purchase. I mean I started crying about halfway through bc I knew the ending. Weak.

xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

afairlie said...

1. Um, admittedly… it was polished. And it had specs of amber in it? Toffee crunch?

2. It’s so fab! Tastes even better as leftovers. Win!

3. Ughhhh I HATE when that happens!!! If it weren’t for your FB post, I’d never have known about it!

4. LOL! Yay! I can NOT wait! Did you know Mumford & Sons (allegedly) did the whole soundtrack AND that the lead is Carrie Mulligan’s (Daisy) hubby? How cool is she?!

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