Thursday, May 2, 2013

awkward & awesome

[dress] gap  ◊  [denim jacket] express  ◊  [boots] dan post 
[wooden bangle] gifted  ◊  [earrings] so old--circa 2004!  ◊  [shades] ralph lauren

Oh yes, that's right. 

I'm back with a whole lot of awkward occurrences from the last week... and a little bit of awesome to tie it all in. Here we go!

PS--Before we begin, let me admit that this is my FIRST ever A&A post with outfits (don't worry... I was every bit as uncomfortable as I look!)... and my photographer was less than cooperative! But alas, I waited until the day before, so what you see is [unfortunately] what you get! Wah wah :) 

  • The kid at IKEA [yep, we went back] who's mother was wheeling him around on a large dolly  intended for large pieces of furniture. This doesn't seem out of the ordinary (I guess?), except for the fact that the kid was strapped in (wtf?) in a slightly angled horizontal position and exactly resembled Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. I may or may not have nearly choked on my soda when we made this connection. Well hello, Clarice... 
  • Shopping at Target on Earth Day. No, the awkward part wasn't when I made Spencer pretend like we didn't know each other so that we could both get the reusable shopping bag they were giving away (one per family unit--don't act like you've never done it!) but when I made it a huge point to lay out the reusable bags [on top] of our purchases for the cashier and she used a plastic bag to double-bag my shampoo and socks... then used a separate plastic bags to stuff the re-usable bags inside? You'll pay for this, Captain Planet. 
  • That time I spent 20 minutes outside talking to the new neighbors and dog-owners. It was all going famously, and I'm pretty sure I'd just met our new BFF couple friends, until I switched into London's voice (don't we all have "voices" for our pets?) as we were discussing the fact that we're now at least 20 minutes late everywhere we go, and declared in my best character voice most closely resembling a certain diapered baby from The Rugrats, "you're life is over, lady!". Pretty sure they acted like it never happened, and so did I. Soooo... what are ya'll doing next weekend? Wanna hang out?
  • The middle-aged woman at Anthropologie who cut everyone in line, and waved her silk scarf above her head shouting "I DON'T WANT TO CUT IN LINE, BUT I HAVE TO! I'M GOING TO BE LATE! THIS LINE IS JUST TOOOOOO LONG!"...then the awkward silence of clearly ticked off patrons already in line. Of course, I can't handle an awkward silence so I blurt out "oh it's OK!" even though it is clearly not OK... then standing the remainder of the time in a line feeling every disgusted stare targeted right at me. It's OK though, because the two new cereal bowls were totally worth the humiliation. 
  • When I am by myself and get scared to walk into a dark room, so I make the dog come with me while loudly talking/singing to myself and turning every light on along the way. 

  • The fact that I just had the most awesome weekend with my mom! Sooooo glad she got to come visit! What's not awesome is the inevitable 5 lbs. I've gained from our culinary adventures, but hey... it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make!
  • Initially thinking the girl in front of me in line at the MAC store was just a crazy who clearly didn't know how the system worked when she asked "do you guys give away free samples?" then to my utter shock and amazement when the cashier replied "sure we do! You just have to ask--here you go!". I've been a MAC enthusiast for the last five years and was never privy to this information! MIND. BLOWN. 
  • Learning how to crochet this past weekend. It's only taken the last six years, four teachers, and countless YouTube videos to stick.  
  • Chauffeuring my mom around this weekend and only having to use my GPS once during the course of her whole visit. I'm basically a native... what?
  • Discs 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey, Season Three have arrived! Bless you, Netflix. Sick Day? [Bonus Awesome: This also means I get to see boyfriend do his signature creepy organ player dance during the intro song... that also sounds eerily similar to The X Files old intro song. Anyone?]
  • Finishing all of my blog posts for the week in one afternoon. WINNING. (PS--is that phrase out yet? Because I still want to use it.)

Happy Thursday!


Catharine Klepac said...

Okay let's see here..
First of all I'm loving that you are doing outfit pictures now! I'll start mine back up once my photographer isn't too busy to love me (what?)

-I have countlessly had people not understand what reusable bags are for. The HEB by my old house would put one item in each one (after I begged them to use them) and then put the rest in paper bags. I mean these things hold like 25lbs! Get with it!

-My whole family makes voices for our pets and pretty much everyone around me knows that this is a thing. So I forget when I'm around new people and it's not normal to them lol so embarrassing. Geoffrey hasn't settled on a voice yet but I'm kind of loving Tommy Pickles!

-I'm glad I'm not the only late 20 something afraid of the dark!

-Derek plays air drums while I play air bass during the Mad Men intro! Yay faux TV bands!

Seriously we are kindred spirits :)

xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

afairlie said...

LOL! I LOVE your outfit pics! I used yours as an "example" to show Spencer how I wanted mine to be cute and fun. His reply? "That girl's is 100x better than yours are going to be". So. Much. Love.

Seriously... why even offer them then?!

OMG I'm so glad it's not just me and my crazy family! I love that you said Geoffrey "hasn't settled on a voice yet". It's a big committment. Believe me. I get it.

Nope! You're in good company.

SUCH a good intro!!! Love that one, too.

Like really though... le sigh.

Happy Friday!!!

Saskia said...

I love the outfit + boots :)

I couldn't stop laughing about you in your dog voice...i know for a FACT people think Matt and I are insane when we talk to them in Dazzle's voice....

So glad San Antonio hasn't implemented the no bag policy..but it makes me sad that I'm no longer in Austin--San Antonio is just NOT the same :/ The story cracked me up and I can TOTALLY see you telling Spencer to pretend like he didn't know you so that you could get 2 bags...I'd totally do the same thing!

Have a great weekend! Hoping San Antonio has some great Cinco de Mayo celebraciones! :)

We are headed to Austin today for Jane's (Matt's mom) bday. Feels like I was just in Austin...oh ya, I was...Thursday + Friday...le sigh...I just can't get enough :)

afairlie said...

Well Sas, admittedly the Dazzle voice is pretty hilarious!!! But she's also a little mean, which makes her edgy! She does like to pull the old fart-and-walk-away trick ;)

I know! I'm ready for it to be a nation-wide thing. Of course Austin would've already done it. Austin > anywhere else.

I have a feeling you weren't in ATX for any FUN reason! ;) At least today will be!?

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