Thursday, May 9, 2013

awkward & awesome

Holy bananas, Batman! It's Thursday!

This has been another long week. Anyone else ready for a cocktail?

Because life has been just spilling over with awesomeness this week, I've had to almost had to go in search for some awkward moments to tap into...almost.

*No outfit pictures this week. I'm super sad about it... just flat ran out of daylight. Boo.*

    • The girlfriend of a friend I met this weekend [at a party] who told me that she was a vegetarian. She wouldn't eat the chopped beef sliders (obviously), but proclaimed that she loved bacon. And duck. what now?
    • The lady at Sur la Table who wouldn't let me in the door. I had signed up for a cooking demo class that was to begin at 9 AM (the same time that the store opened). The confirmation email boldly stated to "please arrive ten minutes early", so never wanting to disappoint, I was there at 8:50 AM sharp. When I knocked on the door to be let in, she told me that she couldn't possibly let me in because they weren't yet open, and I would have to wait outside. In the rain. Neat? Then when she finally opened the door to let me in, she greeted me as though we were first meeting. Oh, hi psycho.

      well, I mean... I was standing outside anyway?
    • Having an incredibly crappy Monday (the debut of my new haircut was foiled by rain... wth?!--among other things, but this reason was clearly the most important!) and deciding to treat myself to a cup of soup, big kid grilled cheese (believe that) and a frosted brownie at Panera. Don't judge. Then... having to sit behind two personal trainers talking about lifestyle choices and how this place has really "come around" and now offers "tons of healthy soups and salads", both of which I know about because that's always what I order here. Of course I'd run into the spawns of Jane Fonda on the one day I tried to drown my sorrows in lunchtime calories. To make matters worse, I thought I could quickly scarf down the last of my brownie unnoticed, but the schmear of chocolate frosting across my face was all too telling when they glanced my direction upon exiting.
    • Going to the grand opening party for Madewell in San Diego (exciting!) and recognizing one of the local blogger / Instagram girls that I follow. Before I could stop myself, I was tapping her on the shoulder, spewing word vomit about how I “follow her” (the creepy terminology for blogs & IG) and I knew it was her because of her pants (wth?). She was totally kind and gracious and even admitted that she recognized my IG name (which made me awkwardly proud?), but I have never felt more like a creep afterward. Why do moments like that always happen in slow motion?!
    • Having a blast at one of Spencer's work buddy's 40th birthday party. An open bar... a DJ... and a photo booth with props is enough to make trouble for lots of 20/30/40-somethings. Bring on the boas and pimp hats.

      photo booth fun.
      just add wine.
      my fancy, glittery party eyes. 
    • Waking up at 4AM [post-above referenced party] slightly hungover and mutually agreeing that a McDonald's breakfast would be the only cure-all for the morning. Then being one of the first ones in the drive-thru at 6 AM when they opened. For the WIN.
    • Getting a rad new 'do.

      whaaaaaat is going on with that face?
    • Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with my love and all of the supreme nachos, homemade guacamole, chipotle-lime stuffed jalapeƱo poppers [that I learned how to make in my Sur la Table cooking class!], and cervezas we could muster. Don't worry, neither of us have a shred of authenticity in us, but we try.

      stuffed jalapeno poppers.
      these are about 100x better [and spicier] than they look.
    • Aside from the creepy blogger stalk/word vomit incident, the Madewell event was super fun, and I even ended up purchasing some decorated Keds and friendship bracelets (90's kid say what!) along with scoring an adorable little polka dot clutch as the free goodie giveaway for attending. I went with a new friend and had a great time :) Yay for shopping bringing people together!
    • Waking up Sunday morning to find that not only have my parents officially booked their tickets to come to San Diego together (hurry up, August!) but are also taking us to see a Padres game while they're here. My heart can't handle it. 

This weekend is going to be super low-key. I hope to get some crafty projects finished, get in lots of DVR / Netflix time in, and hang out with my love. Coming off the last few weeks at work, this will be well-deserved! 

What are your weekend plans?


Saskia said...

I literally "LOL'd" at the vegetarian comment...but then again I knew this girl that was vegetarian in Austin and went to Thurnderclouds and ordered a turkey sandwich...bc oops! She forgot she was a vegetarian! :) I wonder who that was ;)

The Sur la Table lady reminds of an SNL skit hahahah

I LOVE Madewell! I don't think there is one in San Antonio though..bummer..but then again SA doesn't seem to have any of the shops that I love...imissaustinsomuch.

Have a great and relaxing weekend! We are headed to Austin, yet again, on Saturday :)

Are you still coming to Tejas this summer/fall, or not anymore now that your parents are coming to visit? Sounds like your mom must have had a fantastic time!! Yay for parents visiting!

Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

Sometimes ... I can't tell the difference between the "awkward" and the "awesome"!! Hope you do as much as you want on your weekend's "suggested to do" list. XOXO

afairlie said...

Saskia: I have no idea what you're talking about! :)

Oh, it was TOTALLY like that. I thought I was on hidden camera!

I've just discovered it! Obsessed. SA doesn't have one? #getwiththeprogram

Are you going for fun or work this time!?

I am still hoping to! Might be closer to the fall now, but I really want to make it happen! :)

afairlie said...

Mom: Sometimes, I can't either :)

Haha me too!

Cece said...

Your hair cut is super cute! I have never heard of Madewell and after perusing their website I probably should never go! Cute stuff but I am on a shopping break. I have never had a grilled cheese out but I probably should. I'm sure there is way more cheese on it then when I make it at home and that sounds so good!

afairlie said...

Thanks, Cece! You're probably smart to stay away...from both!! Althought that grilled cheese is tooooo die for!

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